• MYO Mason-Jar Bullet

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    1. KHardin's Avatar
      KHardin -
      thanks for the tutorial. is such a fantastic way of using my blender for something besides pancakes and smoothies. now i will be off and running as i explore what my blender can achieve.

      thanks again!
    1. silvergypsylady's Avatar
      silvergypsylady -
      thank you for the tutorial of using the blender as a bullet. i love it and it's easier than i thought.
    1. Devildog's Avatar
      Devildog -
      you have the best ideas i love this thanks.
    1. GGMA14's Avatar
      GGMA14 -
      i would caution you folks to not use hot liquids in this manner, they expand when agitated and could explode.
    1. Hunny's Avatar
      Hunny -
      i have had two bullets over the years and love the mason jar idea.
    1. Sewcrazy's Avatar
      Sewcrazy -
      use caution when using other than mason or ball brand mason jars. i enjoyed great results with all but kerr brand as it didn't want to seal. on the other hand, my counters and blender got a good cleaning from the laundry soap that went all over.
    1. JReeceRN's Avatar
      JReeceRN -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sewcrazy View Post
      Use caution when using other than Mason or Ball brand mason jars. I enjoyed great results with all but Kerr brand as it didn't want to seal. On the other hand, my counters and blender got a good cleaning from the laundry soap that went all over.

      I used a kerr with out problems. Interesting.
    1. SavingMoney's Avatar
      SavingMoney -
      great idea!! the blender/mason jar bullet!! less dishwashing is always a plus!
    1. fsqueen's Avatar
      fsqueen -
      great idea. i wish i would have seen this before i spent my money on a bullet.
    1. mynights's Avatar
      mynights -
      i took it a step further... took a ball mason jar with me and tried on the blender i went to buy. i was sooo embarassed but didnt want to risk getting a blender that wouldn't work!
    1. matantet's Avatar
      matantet -
      great idea! will try for sure!
    1. cinlou898's Avatar
      cinlou898 -
      oh my gosh, this is an awesome idea. i will try it tomorrow. i love this sight.

      thank you..
    1. kdsimon's Avatar
      kdsimon -
      i showed this to my daughter and she tried it, she said it worked great. thanks
    1. Lakotaweon's Avatar
      Lakotaweon -
      thanks it sounds like fun - i just love this site! lakota weon!
    1. babysis20042003's Avatar
      babysis20042003 -
      this is one of the best ideas that i have seen. thank you for the idea as it is a lot better than having to haul out everything to my blender and it is just the right size for my husband and i.
    1. ralanis's Avatar
      ralanis -
      love this idea, my friend has a bullet that she loves and i was saving up to buy one. now i don't have too!
    1. tessinstl's Avatar
      tessinstl -
      wow, i wouldn't have thought about using one of my mason jars. great idea!
    1. sewlisa14's Avatar
      sewlisa14 -
      My dd has been wanting a bullet. won't she be surprised when i show her we've had one all along? lol.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by sewlisa14 View Post
      My DD has been wanting a Bullet. Won't she be surprised when I show her we've had one all along? LOL.
      lol, that tickled me! I'd love to hear her reaction when you tell her she can use her blender like that, just be sure to leave some space in the jars for expansion.
    1. MommaslilHelper's Avatar
      MommaslilHelper -
      Wow! This sounds great! I'm going to have to try it with my blender.

      Do they have to be the Oster brand to do this with? I'm not sure what brand mine is, but have been wanting a bullet blender.
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