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    How to Print an Article in the CMS

    Currently there is a Print Friendly button on every single recipe and article within Budget101.com and they function in Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, as well as 32 other common browsers.

    On ANY Article or Recipe page, beneath the Title of the article is a bar of options which includes Facebook, Twitter, Email, Print and Google+1. To print, simply click on the PRINTER icon, as pictured below.

    What will happen when I click this icon?

    A page will open and your print friendly page will generate. It will give you the option of printing to your printer, printing to a pdf file or emailing. It will give you the option of printing images or Removing them completely.

    In short, it will look like this:

    I cannot see that button, what do I do?

    If you are not able to see that button it means that your browser settings have disabled javascript. You need to update your browser to allow javascript in order to use many features online.

    Here's a Helpful URL that will show you HOW to Enable Javascript in Your Browser

    See Also:

    How to Print a Forum Thread
    How do I print a Thread in a forum?
    To print a thread, simply click on Thread tools, show printable version, when the printable version loads Click print.

    Alternatively, there is a Print Button at the Bottom of Every Single Post as Well, that allows you to selectively choose Which portions of the page you wish to print, responses, images, etc.

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