• Wrapping Paper Tip

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    1. 1karrol's Avatar
      1karrol -
      i have been slipping the rolled paper back into the tubes for the past 50 years. You can tighten the paper roll by putting two fingers in the roll and gripping the cut edge and twisting on the direction it is rolled.
      This also keeps the edges from getting messed up.
    1. 1karrol's Avatar
      1karrol -
      i gave always put the rolled gift wrap back in the cardboard tube. put your index and middle fingers into the paper roll and grip the cut edge. twist the paper in the direction it is rolled.

      this keeps the entire roll of paper protected and clean.
    1. karobinson's Avatar
      karobinson -
      i do this and i works great.
    1. MiniBooger's Avatar
      MiniBooger -
      if your toilet paper rolls have bits of paper stuck on them that you can't remove, cover that tackiness up after you slit the roll with aluminum foil or a different wrapping paper pattern.
    1. karaokequeen's Avatar
      karaokequeen -
      love this. there is always paper left over and cardboard tubes to recycle...will try this right now.
    1. roniorjim's Avatar
      roniorjim -
      good idea! i will be trying this today.
    1. RoseBleue's Avatar
      RoseBleue -
      thank you! this is a great tip. you can also use cardboard tubes to keep rolled up cords in place
    1. OshKosh's Avatar
      OshKosh -
      ahhhhh, great tip! mos definitely on my agenda!
    1. kaybee1630's Avatar
      kaybee1630 -
      Yikes I just sent to recycle paper tubes. I will be saving toilet paper rolls tubes now. What a great idea I will be using this one for sure.

      Thank you

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