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    1. heidim's Avatar
      heidim -
      I just made a few sewing kits in jars for the young ladies in my home. My daughter is 17 (graduated HS, working two jobs and attending college) and the other young lady is 18 (some children bring home puppies in need of a good home, my kids bring home other children She is also graduated, recently had to drop out of college for financial reasons, and is trying to get on her feet.) I think all young people should have the ability to fix a basic clothing disaster and I had made these little kits up using dollar tree kits that are ready made with some very inexpensive items that make up the main needs and then supplemented with odds and ends from my own overflowing sewing supplies. Added the pin cushion to the top and a ribbon around the rim and they are darling little kits in fat jelly jars.
    1. oSandi's Avatar
      oSandi -
      Thank you for reminding us how easily something can be put together in a cute package. The labelling and add-ons would really personalize this for someone.
    1. Sandman's Avatar
      Sandman -
      My girl puts together cookie making jars for the kids at Christmas. They have lots of fun making their own...
    1. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
      anniemdaffodils -
      The sewing kit in a jar is a great idea. I am going to make one for myself and husband. Instead of getting out the big sewing box when all one may need to do is sew on a button, it makes sense to have something easily kept around for anyone who needs it. I think a pint Mason jar will do nicely. Thanks everyone for coming up with these great ideas and sharing them.
    1. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
      anniemdaffodils -
      I have been experimenting with making various homemade breads and healthful smoothies. I need to keep on hand some different things - like dry coconut milk powder, flaxseed meal, etc. I have been putting these into quart Mason jars and labeling. Easy to see how much I have and ensures these items stay clean and bug free.
    1. DianaAsocar's Avatar
      DianaAsocar -
      Mani-pedi in a jar. Nail color, emery boards, cotton balls, nail polish remover sample, toe spacers, nail clippers, moisturizing hand and foot lotion samples...could include an invitation for girl's night out at your house for mani-pedi's.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I need jar gift for about 100 men. Nothing "hokey" either. I can spend up to 3.50 a piece. Already have jars.
      Thank you
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