Got a Bacon aficionado in your family? Here's a really fun Bacon Themed gift basket idea for under $20!

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  • Bacon Lovers Gift Basket

    Got a Bacon aficionado in your family? Here's a really fun Bacon Themed gift basket idea that can be put together for under $20!

    Novelty Bacon Lovers Gift Basket Idea

    The key to a great gift basket is combining a fun item, such as a game or novelty with a useful item, such as a homemade dip mix or cookie mix, etc. This particular basket offers a game that we found on sale, bacon hot chocolate, a chocolate covered bacon bar, homemade bacon dip mix, chili & cheese bacon dip mix and a screeching cat slingshot novelty item.

    You'll Need:
    Bacon Dip Mix

    Chili & Cheese Bacon Dip Mix

    2-4 Bacon Themed items such as:

    Put the items together to form a fun themed gift basket! Although we've linked to the bacon novelties on Amazon, there are numerous places to find these novelty items, we found many of these at World Market.

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    1. baconluver's Avatar
      baconluver -
      This is a great idea and inexpensive also, thanks!
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