• MYO Apple Crisp Kits

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    1. davswfe's Avatar
      davswfe -
      this sounds absolutely yummy! i am from maine & am now in virginia, oh how i miss my macs & corts. you just can't find them here.

      the closest i have come are staymans.
    1. MabelMartha's Avatar
      MabelMartha -
      granny smith's are readily available in most parts of the country all year and are excellent in apple crisp.
    1. topeairs's Avatar
      topeairs -
      this sounds amazing. cant wait to try it!!
    1. drea's Avatar
      drea -
      very clever idea, thanks again liss! you never cease to amaze me.
    1. arizona's Avatar
      arizona -
      i am going to make just one this weekend to try it out. i will prepare and then freeze. i dont see lemon juice in the apple mixture and i am afraid apples may turn brown, so that is why i am only going to try one.

      sounds wonderful and way too easy! if it works out for me, then it is a great way to use all these wonderful apples up and to have some good dessert in the dead of winter!
    1. Delta's Avatar
      Delta -
      i'm new to baking. how do i know to use all purpose or self rising flour when reading the recipes?
    1. AngryLioness's Avatar
      AngryLioness -
      Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
      I'm new to baking. How do I know to use all purpose or self rising flour when reading the recipes?
      the recipe will state specifically self rising flour. also, if a recipe contains baking soda or baking powder and salt, chances are, it's not going to ask for self rising flour too.
    1. froggysgirl's Avatar
      froggysgirl -
      this is a great idea! especially if you have last minute company stopping by....
    1. marlas's Avatar
      marlas -
      yum making it tonight, love the put together for later thank you.
    1. DRohwer59's Avatar
      DRohwer59 -
      if i use a vacuum sealer, do i put it in the freezer or not?? i don't have a vacuum sealer yet but getting one soon.
    1. TStalinsky's Avatar
      TStalinsky -
      Quote Originally Posted by drohwer59 View Post
      If I use a vacuum sealer, do I put it in the freezer or not?? I don't have a vacuum sealer yet but getting one soon.
      Yes! Put it in the freezer!

      Otherwise your apples will ferment in the vacuum bag!
    1. pdixon's Avatar
      pdixon -
      can't wait to make! perfect for the working mom or dad.
    1. Frenchlady's Avatar
      Frenchlady -
      this is such a great idea! i can't wait to try it out.
    1. 1gr8lady's Avatar
      1gr8lady -
      going up north next weekend so i'll have to pick up some cortlands. this recipe sounds so easy.
    1. nanamike's Avatar
      nanamike -
      This looks amazing! I think I'll divide it for a just enough for two type dessert.
    1. ToniaSpencer's Avatar
      ToniaSpencer -
      Quote Originally Posted by davswfe View Post
      This sounds absolutely yummy! I am from Maine & am now in Virginia, Oh how I miss my Macs & Corts. You just can't find them here.

      The closest I have come are Staymans.
      See if anyone from your home area can send you some of them.. then use this stratagy to save them for your later use!
    1. Toffy's Avatar
      Toffy -
      Awesome Idea..now I know how to save a bunch of apples when Hubby gets overzealous at Costco.
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