Take the B101 Challenge and answer todays challenge question for a chance to win great prizes, gift certificates or cash

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  • B101 Challenges!

    Welcome to B101 Challenges! If you're new to the site, you're probably still trying to get the hang of all the different sections and fully digest what the site has to offer- the B101 Challenges are questions that are posed for prizes. Occasionally a question will be shared in the forums and any member that replies to that particular challenge thread (on topic!) and answers the question will be automatically. . .
    entered into a drawing for whatever the prize happens to be that day.

    Challenges don't follow any set pattern, they may be issued at any time, in any forum and cover any topic. They
    might last 1 hour or 24 hours. They are announced to All members at the top of the screen. Here's an example of what an announcement looks like:

    Please note, only registered members are eligible to play, although Guests can comment on posts, those posts are ineligible to win.

    Some recent prizes include Keurig Coffee maker systems, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, etc. The gifts vary and are generally announced in the challenge itself.

    B101 Beat the Clock Challenge

    The Budget101 Beat the clock challenge can be a Surprise Challenge or a Planned (Notified) challenge. It will appear in the notices bar, like the other challenges, and will have a specific time to complete.

    What do you have to do?

    Sometimes you don't have to do anything except be logged in to your free budget101 user account to be eligible to win. If you're chosen you must respond within a given time
    period, (it will be listed in the Challenge notice). Other times you may have to locate a recipe on the site, or respond to a thread within a specific period of time, etc.

    The Beat the Clock Challenge is Always Based on TIME. All of our Beat the Clock challenges are posted in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Examples of Beat the Clock Challenges:

    • 8/7 Be Logged into your Account between the hours of 8-9pm EST: Winner: Tashdan Prize: Ninja Blender
    • 8/9 Crafters Challenge- what would you do if you had a Laminating machine? Winner: RosesBistro1234 Prize: Laminating Machine & Pouches

    How can I find the Current Challenges that are open so I can Play?

    Challenges are frequently posted as announcements at the top of the page and have a green "dismiss" button if you'd like to hide the announcement from view. If you'd like to see all the current Open challenges (or view Past challenges) we now have a forum dedicated to their announcement. That forum is located Here. In this forum
    you will be able to see what challenges are still accepting answers as well as where to find the location of the posted winner for each challenge.

    How Can I view Past Challenges?

    Visit the B101 Challenges forum, In this forum you will be able to see what challenges are still accepting answers as well as where to find the location of the posted winner for each challenge that has already ended. View the B101 Challenge Forum Now.

    How are the Winners Chosen?

    Each member that replies to the thread (& stays In Topic!) receives an automatic entry. Winners are drawn at Random from all eligible entries. There's no limit to the number of challenges a person can win. If you enter every challenge you could potentially win every challenge.

    View the actual process of choosing the winner here

    **Please note, when we first began our challenges, the winners were announced in the Notices (which display at the top of each page for a limited time) and were not added to threads.

    We have since added the feature of listing winners in the threads themselves so people can go back and see who won. If you're worried that you may have won and missed a notification, don't worry ALL winners receive a Private Message in their Inbox notifying them and requesting an address if necessary. In the event that the requested information is not provided within 2 business days, the giveaway item is forfeited and a new winner will be drawn and notified. We highly recommend that you update your address (which is a Private Field!) in your User Profile, (scroll towards the bottom and enter in the Name/Address field)

    Challenge Giveaway Official Rules

    • Only Registered Members are Eligible to Play
    • 2 Business days to respond to PM with Address or the Goodie Giveaway is forfeited (see paragraph above)
    • Challenges are open to US Members Only (due to shipping expenses) (Sorry, this site is a just a family blog, not a corporation, etc & we buy all the goodies ourselves, they are
      not donated or given by "sponsors". As such, it becomes a financial burden to ship to other countries with the exorbitant shipping costs.
    • Members may play in as many challenges a time as are available.

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    Comments 69 Comments
    1. mimisbuddy1's Avatar
      mimisbuddy1 -
      Budget 101, this challenge is going to be fun!
    1. Danni cyr's Avatar
      Danni cyr -
      I read that my address had to be completed to receive prizes but I do not know where to do that, there was a link at one point but now I cant find it..... hint please?
    1. KarieB's Avatar
      KarieB -
      To save for Christmas We do an automatic draft from checking to savings. We are used to it now and we know it is saved for CHRISTMAS ONLY!
    1. KarieB's Avatar
      KarieB -
      For Christmas we do an automatic draft from checking to.savings. We are used to it know and we know it is for CHRISTMAS ONLY!!
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Danni cyr View Post
      I read that my address had to be completed to receive prizes but I do not know where to do that, there was a link at one point but now I cant find it..... hint please?
      All of your personal settings can be updated in your User Control Panel (aka UserCP) the UserCP is located in the top right hand side of every page. Here is a quickie direct link for you:


      The spot to edit your address is towards the bottom of that page.
    1. Ms Alusa's Avatar
      Ms Alusa -
      Love this idea, and would also like this to be added to my wishlist, if that's what is necessary. It doesn't seem like that is necessary, since I got those notifications yesterday, even tho' I had not come to this through the wishlist forum. Well, whatever it takes here; I want in!!!! Thanks!
    1. Wildpuppy57's Avatar
      Wildpuppy57 -
      I'm new to all this and still trying to figure everything out, but I LOVE this site! There is so much to do that it's hard to decide where to go and what to do first!
    1. pinkittens's Avatar
      pinkittens -
      Can't wait for your challenges!
      This is an awesome site!
      Thanks for letting me join.
    1. Ozarkangel's Avatar
      Ozarkangel -
      This site is great! Can't wait to explore it some more!
    1. willieivie's Avatar
      willieivie -
      I'm so into this site and so would love to win a prize. I really do not know how to do most of this, but I'm trying to figure it out.
    1. rockin grandma's Avatar
      rockin grandma -
      I think this challenge is going to be fun. I have been wanting to make my own laundry soap but haven't taken the plunge yet of getting all the necessary items to use to make it. Thanks for this challenge & I hope I'm picked !
    1. rockin grandma's Avatar
      rockin grandma -
      I don't see my comment...
    1. Lishy365's Avatar
      Lishy365 -
      this site looks to be fun
    1. amykaroly's Avatar
      amykaroly -
      Looks like a great idea!! I'm in!
    1. Premierdel's Avatar
      Premierdel -
      This is exciting. Still figuring out the site as I am a newbie And use my iphone to navigate. Thinking I need to see if there is an iPhone app for your site.
    1. ncjoeyg's Avatar
      ncjoeyg -
      love love this site have been making laundry detergent since day one and have used other time and money saving ideas
    1. MissPoovy's Avatar
      MissPoovy -
      I found this site by following my FB page article for your laundry soap! Can't wait to make it!
    1. elayne's Avatar
      elayne -
      saed web frm lst year,ready to start the new year!am gonna love this site when its cold outside,like it is now
    1. beck5711's Avatar
      beck5711 -
      Thanks for helping to make this site even more interesting and fun, all the while helping us to save money in our every day lives. You're the best!!
    1. BLRose's Avatar
      BLRose -
      I found this site on FB looking at decorating children's birthday cakes. This looks like a fun site. Can't wait to learn more!
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