Fake Prime Rib recipe that tastes like REAL prime rib from super cheap cuts of beef, at a cost of less than $1.50 per person

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  • Faux Prime Rib

    Prime Rib is one of those coveted cuts of meat that is infrequently served at home by families for several reasons, the expense, the length of time if takes to properly prepare, etc- but here's a poor man's prime rib recipe that tastes like the real thing; at a mere fraction of the cost, roughly less than $1.50 per person!

    Here's a poor man's prime rib recipe that tastes like the real thing; at a mere fraction of the cost, roughly less than 17149.50 per person!

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    Contrary to popular belief, you can take poor cuts of meat and turn them into delicious meals with minimal effort. For instance, this recipe takes about 5 minutes of preparation time. Eye of round roast is usually one of the least expensive cuts of meat you can find and
    is cut from the beef hindquarters.

    A round steak is sold in 3 different "cuts" -which are the Bottom Round, The Top Round (which can be a steak or a roast labeled London Broil), and the Eye of Round (again, sold as steak or roast). For the sake of this recipe, we recommend the Eye of Round as it is the Most Tender cut of the three.

    Turn a cheaper cut of beef into "Prime Rib" !

    Case in point, this roast was $2.99 per pound, which is by far the lowest price for USA raised beef in our area. This one roast will easily serve 8 people a hearty 8oz serving which equals about $1.48 per person for a Prime Rib Dinner.

    You'll Need:
    1 3-4lb Eye of Round Roast
    1 Tbs. Cracked Black Pepper (Freshly Ground)
    1/2 tsp Thyme
    1 Tbs Garlic Powder
    1 Tbs Onion Powder
    1 tsp Coarsely Ground Salt
    1/4 tsp Crushed Rosemary

    Preheat the oven to 500F (Yes, 500F). While it is preheating, Combine all of the spices in a small bowl, mixing well.

    the top round roast in a casserole dish and rub it vigorously with the seasoning mix, make sure to rub the ends with seasoning too. Turn the roast so the fattiest side is facing UP.

    Place the meat in the oven and reduce the temperature to 475 F. Cook the meat for 7 minutes per pound. (For a 3 lb roast, cook it for 21 minutes, a 4# roast cook it for 28 minutes).

    Once the meat has cooked for the appropriate amount of time, immediately SHUT Off the oven but DO NOT OPEN THE DOORS. Leave the Roast in the oven for another 2 1/2 hours.

    Do NOT Open the Oven doors at any time until the very end or it will NOT Cook Properly. The internal temperature of the roast should be 145 F when you take it out. Cover it lightly with foil and let it rest about 10 minutes before slicing it thinly. Serve with baked potatoes and salad or any other side dish you prefer.

    Your Thoughts?

    We'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts too, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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    1. MabelMartha's Avatar
      MabelMartha -
      A great recipe with an excellent rub. At &1.50 per adult serving, this is a frugal feast. Au gratin potatoes would be an excellent side. And if you want to make it extra fancy a steamed green vegetable would add great color. The leftovers (if any) could be used in your wonderful stuffed pepper recipe or in a steak sandwich we love our prime rib with horseradish and sour cream. Makes you feel wealthy on a budget!
    1. Ronandjo's Avatar
      Ronandjo -
      Can't wait to try this.
    1. Cheri2698's Avatar
      Cheri2698 -
      Think eye of round roast would be okay? Have this on sale here this week.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cheri2698 View Post
      Think eye of round roast would be okay? Have this on sale here this week.

      I don't see why it wouldn't, just make sure it doesn't exceed 3 lbs. You want it to cook all the way through.
    1. tngrneyez's Avatar
      tngrneyez -
      Oooo YUM! Sounds so good to me!
    1. Ms Alusa's Avatar
      Ms Alusa -
      Love this suggestion! I will serve with herb baked potato (I rub potatoes with olive oil, and a spice mix [I use salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, basil, onion powder, garlic powder, and parsley] then bake at 350 for about an hour. I think also, I agree with MabelMartha, that some steamed veggies would be lovely. I'm thinking some spinach cooked with little green onions and diced tomato. If I have some I may even add some New Zealand corned beef to the spinach (amazing!). Dessert? Maybe some Apple Pie Cookie Squares, or Lemon Meringue Pie...
    1. Cheri2698's Avatar
      Cheri2698 -
      Cooking as we speak. Can't wait to try it. Going to have French dip sandwiches made from leftovers tomorrow night.
      Going to serve tonight with leftover garlic mashed potatoes and steamed spinach.
    1. cetaylor94's Avatar
      cetaylor94 -
      Making this for dinner tonight. Been looking forward to it since I first saw the recipe, can't wait to try it!
    1. countryhicks's Avatar
      countryhicks -
      Looks fabulous!! I cannot wait to try this recipe. My husband will be so excited
    1. Wrinkleyold's Avatar
      Wrinkleyold -
      This is the BEST roast I've ever had. Had to take the smoke detector down, tho.
    1. CharlieChick's Avatar
      CharlieChick -
      Making this tonight....the house smells amazing and all I want to do is open the oven and look...but I will resist!!!!
    1. Jtrull01's Avatar
      Jtrull01 -
      cant wait to try this!! hubby will be super happy!
    1. ShellyB's Avatar
      ShellyB -
      This is just crying out for mashed potatoes and asparagus. Anniversary coming up in 18-days, and this will be perfect!
    1. CarlaB's Avatar
      CarlaB -
      Ooh, my! One of my absolute favorite things!

      I do believe this recipe will make it into this month's menu! Like...this weekend, if I can find a nice one. Um. My tummy just started grumbling, & my mouth is watering. And it's 2:30am.
    1. JodyWhite's Avatar
      JodyWhite -
      Thank you for sharing that you made it and it was good. Just because it looks good I still wonder so anyone who has made it and liked it thank you for saying so .
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by JodyWhite View Post
      Thank you for sharing that you made it and it was good. Just because it looks good I still wonder so anyone who has made it and liked it thank you for saying so .
      Hi Jody, welcome to the site! I definitely understand the hesitation in trying "online" recipes. I try to be as straight up as possible- I've had a few ... um.. not so great experiences too- like my Booby Feet Day (strike that, more like WEEK). Usually though, if a recipe is a fail, we dump it into the frugal Flops category here, or I don't waste time posting it at all.

      Of course, I realize that everyone has different tastes and just because we like it doesn't mean everyone will.
    1. gbrenna86's Avatar
      gbrenna86 -
      I tried this last week and wanted to post how delicious it was...my son who loves good beef loved it. I used a top round and followed the instructions...I did have to use regular salt and Tarragon as I was out of Kosher/sea salt and Thyme. Absolutely delicious and cheap...meat bought on BOGO. I have been using your techniques to lower grocery bills and have gone from probably 1000 a month easy (maybe more) to 350 per month...in November and December (both holiday months). This month, it will be less I think. We do not hunt and had a small garden...next year a bigger garden should help lower the bill further. We have been spending way to much period...we have three kids and a handicapped person living with us...teens and adults...picky teens at that...six in all. We are on our way to an emergency fund and did not tap our credit line in December. This is a first...we have always used our credit line and then spent forever paying it off...we also had a 500 car repair and a ticket for HOV lane violation (did not know you need EZ pass these days for this lane) and managed. Thanks for this great website and have a nice day.
    1. gbrenna86's Avatar
      gbrenna86 -
      Loved this recipe made it with regular salt and tarragon instead of kosher/sea and Thyme (did not have it). I have gone from well over a 1000 to 350 for December 2013 and November 2013 grocery bills following your technique...thanks so much ! We are feeding teens and adults by the way so this is remarkable and no complaining either.
    1. hknisley's Avatar
      hknisley -
      I had to research this because I'm not too familiar with cuts of beef. lol For anyone else who can't find it in the store, it looks like it is often called London Broil.
    1. mechelle's Avatar
      mechelle -
      My anniversary is coming up the end of this month, dh LOVES meat, beef in particular. I am thinking this will be a perfect meal; the beef, some garlic-y scalloped potatoes, steamed buttery lemony asparagus, homemade yeast rolls, and some decadent dessert am thinking chocolatey just cause the rest of the meal was planned with his taste preferences. Will have to start browsing for desserts over the next week.
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