• An Amazing Vacation for Less. . .

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    1. Mello01's Avatar
      Mello01 -
      wow, we've been waiting 13 yrs to cruise together! Thanks for the info...
    1. photoran's Avatar
      photoran -
      my family really loves to go on cruises. my wife thinks it is the best vacation for the mom. everything is done for her dinner, cleanup, bed making, everything.
      they are really nice plus when you wake up in the morning you are in a different place.
    1. SunnyBunny's Avatar
      SunnyBunny -
      whoooo hooooo vacation time again! use the tips in this article for a great time!
    1. hopea9900's Avatar
      hopea9900 -
      Just started looking for good deals on cruises yesterday. I'm going on my first cruise this year with my husband. You have been so very helpful.

    1. froggysgirl's Avatar
      froggysgirl -
      My husband and I just went on our first cruise for our 10 year wedding anniversary last week. It was the Carnival Paradise leaving Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 5 days. I got it on Cyber Monday for $35/person/night.

      We are already planning our next one! It's definitely worth the money with everything that's included on the ship. We went to an art auction, which I really enjoyed, that we would never have done if it wasn't for going on the cruise.

      I recommend it at least once!
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