• Super Laundry Sauce for Dummies

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      Thanks for this amazing recipe. I have a few tips I have started using that make this easier and I think better.

      1. I use a WIDE mouth mason jar, then use an immersion blender to mix it. I switched to this method after the fourth time cleaning my kitchen counter, bottom cabinets and floor with hot soapy water.

      I could not get the seal lined up correctly and several batches leaked out.

      2. I made my own soap instead of the Fels Naptha. I made six 3.5 oz bars of 100% coconut oil soap with no super fat (extra oil added for skin conditioning benefits) It works great and I know what is in the soap.
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      Quote Originally Posted by RkyMtnSailor85 View Post
      Oh yeah, thanks for the simplified directions. I wasn't looking forward to all that stirring.
      I use ivory soap in place, because I have sensitive skin, and have been able to use it successfully.
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      I have the HE washer and the water does not start until door is closed..now what do I do? I want the old fashioned washers back.
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      Quote Originally Posted by lawannagrace View Post
      I just made my first batch of the laundry sauce and it turned out just like the pictures of the sauce. I washed one load of laundry using one tablespoon of laundry sauce and it seemed to clean the clothes however there wasn't any suds which left me wondering if its cleaning properly. Is it still cleaning without any soap suds?
      Suds don't do any cleaning, suds is just the soap and air mixed. the actual cleaning is done by what is in the water.
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      Homemade detergent sauce.
      They sell all the ingredients on Amazon together. Enough to make 4 batches. I’m assuming this because there’s 4 bars of soap for around $25.

      Roughly about 4.5 cents per load. The tide pods that I really like are $20 for 80 loads. I’m going to try Amazon.
      Also can I use The Downy scent boosters in the wash?
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      Quote Originally Posted by k1kobra View Post
      Okay, so I made a double batch of this recipe today. Or the other one on this site and now I can't get back to that page. Anyway, I followed it to a T.

      But instead of taking 10-15 minutes for the soap to melt, it took almost 25. My brother helped out with the constant whisking. Then it took almost 10 minutes for it to completely incorporate the dry stuff.

      Spaghetti arms.

      Instead of 4 quart mason jars it took 8. I filled 2 jars at a time to the 12 ounce mark, which is half full by the markings, then mixed a bit in between to keep consistent mixture. Then I added 12 ounces of water to each jar.

      Some began separating right away. Now at the 4 hour mark and only 3 look like they separated correctly. The others look like they are 3/4 or more full of the solid part with little to no liquid.

      What did I do wrong? I will now have to attempt another heat, mix and separate journey. This recipe sounded so good and easy, but I have found it to be a bit more work than expected.

      4 1/2 hours now are turning into 8-10. Not so simple after all. Blahhhhhh!

      18 Aug 2018

      I am not an expert by any means at all, but.....if the 12 oz mark is half-way on your jars than you are NOT using a 32 oz quart size jar which is what both the original cook and the refined no cook method call for. If you are re-using Classico or any other spaghetti jars those are only 24 oz jars generally. Reading is fundamental and oh so important, but these days most people are unaware of the cooking terms and abbreviations because schools quit teaching home economics.
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      Quote Originally Posted by bopeep View Post
      I have now used this laundry soap for one year, and would like to give it a review! I have not tried the non cooked recipes as yet, but I will tell you what I think of the long version. First of all, it is very time consuming, and leaves a big mess in the kitchen!

      The second thing that happened, is that the Fels Naptha shredding in my food processor has really taken a toll on it, even though it is only two years old, and just off warranty. Having to replace one of those every few years, can certainly add on to the price of the soap! Next we come to something that is very irritating to me.

      Why does it have to go into a quart jar? They are not very user friendly when it comes to getting the tablespoon of soap out of the jar and into the washer, especially when one gets down about half way! It gets all over my hands.

      It is also hard to get it out of the jar and into a blender! I'm sure many of you who have done this, can testify that once you try to open the jar after it has been upside down, at least one of the jars is going to spill all over! I have purchased two blenders now, and neither one of them is the right size on the bottom to "just screw the canning jar on the blade and blend"!

      That is also adding to the price of the homemade soap! (Yes, I have tried both regular and wide mouth jars.) Can anyone tell me what brand of blender to get? On a side note, the cheap blender I bought two months ago not only was the wrong size for the jar mouth, but when I scrapped the soap out of the jars to blend, the substance was so thick that it burned out the motor on one batch of soap!

      Even with adding extra water to help it!
      Lastly I come to the topic of rating the soap itself. It is the very best laundry soap I have ever used!!!!! If you have the problem of stinky towels, this takes care of it very well!

      Although it may take a few washes to totally eliminate that problem, as it did in our household, as our water is so bad. It does well on dirt, and baby laundry. I don't know if it would work by itself on grease, as I always have a bottle of Greased Lightening in the laundry room for that purpose.

      The stain that it seems to have a hard time with in our household, with our type of water, is tomato, like pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce. So I just have a bottle of Shout on hand too, and after a year, have only used about two inches of the bottle! I also keep a bar of the Fels Naptha by the washer to rub on stains, does great with ring around the collar!

      It gets out farm smells, and teen-age boys socks smells! What I am saying is, because I have the time, it is worth it for me to make this soap because your clothes smell like clothes, and come out clean! Next time I need soap, I will definitely try the fast method.

      18 Aug 2018

      I am sorry you are having so many troubles actually making this recipe as it is stated because it should be rather easy as Liss is like "America's Test Kitchen" in that she troubleshoots her recipes before posting them. Please from one mother to another, do the no cook short version of this recipe. After putting the hot water over the soap in the jar, put the cover on, turn the jar upside down to cool.

      When gelled, turn right side up and use the evil plastic straw to make several air holes for it to fall to the bottom before proceeding to the mix phase on the blender (after you have added the dry ingredients). I have no had any jars spill over, however, there is always a bit of the soap still dripping off of the blades and gasket when I take it off the jar so I do that at the sink and use that to wash whatever nasty greasy stuff is in my sink then (there is always something that fits that description in my kitchen by the way). I have had no issues with my food processor up to this point, but like many things in this world, they are not all created alike, so that being said, try the microwave method to crumble your Fels Naptha bars.

      As to which blender to buy, I have an old Sunbeam (+20 yrs old) and a new Oster (+4 yrs old) and both fit all regular mouth canning jars and even a pickle jar from slab pickles I got at Dollar Tree. My fix for not getting the substance out of the jar for use is the Betty Crocker covered bowls from Dollar Tree...just need to make sure that I don't mix it past the 64 oz mark on the bowl.

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      Would this work with Kirk's original cocoa Castile soap bars? I have to use pure natural soaps (no harsh chemicals or fragrances). Feels naptha triggers headaches with me.
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      Quote Originally Posted by RkyMtnSailor85 View Post
      The whole point of me wanting to make my own laundry soap was to have a natural detergent because of skin irritation, even to "sensitive deemed detergents." Is there an alternative to this stuff?
      try zote soap its just soap or you can grate a bar of castile soap and use that as well instead of the Fels
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      Just made my first batch of this and it is leaving a residue in the washer afterward. Washer is set on swarm. Anyone else having this problem?
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      The original dry version has always been good enough for me.
      1 bar soap grated
      1 cup washing soda powder(sodium carbonate)
      1 cup borax powder

      2 tblsp per large load, 1 tblsp small.

      I researched the 2 powders. What they have in common...activated by water and effective in water for only a few hours before they become ineffective. I can only conclude that people making and storing DIY liquid versions are just adding liquid soap and more water to their laundry. Thus resulting in less cleaning performance than the powder versions and a waste of money spent on the powder ingredients.

      Also as a result of research I now have a new and much improved dry version.
      1 bar soap grated
      2 cups Biz Powder
      (Biz contains: borax, sodium carbonate, color safe chlorine free bleach (oxy), enzymes (attacks protein stains) and detergent). Biodegradable and HE washer friendly if that matters to
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      My blender jar and blade are one unit. Can I make the recipe and put everything into blender and then back into jars?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Extrathrifty View Post
      has anyone had success with an immersion blender? i would probably "whip" it in a bowl & then transfer to my airtight storage container/ jar of choice.
      I have used an immersion blender with my wide mouth jars. It’s a bit messy as sticking the immersion blender in the jar tends to overflow the jar, so if you can get the liquid amounts right, blending it in a bowl would work better. Also, it is pretty hard on the motor which is designed to work with more liquid consistency and for relatively short periods of time or it will overheat. Still, it does work with some care.
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