• Super Laundry Sauce for Dummies

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    1. mimisbuddy1's Avatar
      mimisbuddy1 -
      thank you for sharing this, i'm going to try it!
    1. kathyk's Avatar
      kathyk -
      will this work with zote soap also
    1. dolphin110417's Avatar
      dolphin110417 -
      is this detergent safe for use on cloth diapers?
    1. TCain0001's Avatar
      TCain0001 -
      question--can you use this in he (high efficiency) washers?
    1. Candace's Avatar
      Candace -
      Quote Originally Posted by tcain0001 View Post
      Question--can you use this in he (high efficiency) washers?

      according to the instructions in the recipe listed above, yes:

      to use, add 1 Tablespoon to a load of laundry in any type of machine, conventional, Front Loader, High Capacity & High Efficiency (he), etc. do not add the detergent to the "detergent compartment" but instead directly with the dirty clothes. (it will get stuck in the compartment, i can assure you!)
    1. BananaJackson's Avatar
      BananaJackson -
      just finished making a batch this morning. i used the first set of instructions. i have these things to add that might be helpful...

      1. When I mixed my "pea sized" Fels Naptha bar and boiling water, the two did not fully incorporate but began to separate into two layers. I noticed this was happening, so I got a long teaspoon and stirred them up together...

      that's all it took...

      the layer finally solidified the way it was supposed to.

      2. The next day, after you add the remaining ingredients and the boiling water, be very careful to get the rubber gasket lined up before turning the jar over. i wasn't careful with this and leaked scalding water on my hands.


      3. Be sure to keep your blender on the lowest speed until the fels naptha gel layer melts and falls down to the blender knives area. do not turn your blender up to whip until those two have had a chance to combine for a while.

      otherwise, you may bend your blender blades the way i did...


      4. To store my supplies for the next batch, I cut the tops off of the two boxes, down close to where the powder was, and that made each box small enough to fit into a gallon zip-top bag.

      5. I used a piece of yarn to tie an old Tablespoon to my jar of laundry sauce for easy dispensing.

      Thanks for the great tips on this website! I'm going to put up some links on my personal blog to your article here and share my experiences with it.

      God bless,
      Anna "Banana" Jackson

      (By the way... sorry if I posted this comment twice... but I didn't see it come up in the list after the first time I posted it.)
    1. lawannagrace's Avatar
      lawannagrace -
      i love this recipe and will try it as soon as i can find a good used blender.
    1. surviving101's Avatar
      surviving101 -
      can't you just put it all in the blender then in the jars?
    1. RkyMtnSailor85's Avatar
      RkyMtnSailor85 -
      the whole point of me wanting to make my own laundry soap was to have a natural detergent because of skin irritation, even to "sensitive deemed detergents." when my husband read the ingedient list on the fels soap, (after i had most of it grated of course :-\), yuck. the chemicals sounded as bad as regular detergents, and there is fragrance in it.

      i had intended to add essential oils to it.

      is there an alternative to this stuff?
    1. RkyMtnSailor85's Avatar
      RkyMtnSailor85 -
      oh yeah, thanks for the simplified directions. i wasn't looking forward to all that stirring.
    1. johoney's Avatar
      johoney -
      is this the same as the moms super laundry sauce just done a different way? which way is better? thanks!
    1. bagheera47's Avatar
      bagheera47 -
      thank you for posting these instructions. i've been making my own laundry soap for some time, but i was excited by the new method using the canning jar and blender.

      i have one comment i think should be added to the instructions. "use a regular mouth canning jar".

      it may have been clear to everyone else, but all of my canning jars are wide mouth. luckily i save all kinds of jars to store dry mixes and such, so i had a classico pasta sauce jar that would fit with my blender.

      i have always grated my fels naptha soap, so i did the same with this recipe. i added the hot water and other ingredients with out any wait time and everything worked out find. took me about 2-3 minutes for the whole process after I realized my Wide Mouth jar wasn't going to work.

      Thanks again. I enjoyed making this so much I gave my 2 jars away to co-workers.
    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      is there a way to make this that does not involve the use of a blender?
    1. lawannagrace's Avatar
      lawannagrace -
      i just made my first batch of the laundry sauce and it turned out just like the pictures of the sauce. i washed one load of laundry using one tablespoon of laundry sauce and it seemed to clean the clothes however there wasn't any suds which left me wondering if its cleaning properly. is it still cleaning without any soap suds?
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by johoney View Post
      Is this the same as the moms super laundry sauce just done a different way? Which way is better? Thanks!
      This is the "No Effort, No Fail" Method.
    1. Mommasika's Avatar
      Mommasika -
      How do you specifically line up the gasket? Is there a trick to it? I made one batch successfully but the gasket did get a little cracked.

      It wouldn't allow a tight seal.

      So... I need to buy more.

      Someone did ask earlier if this could be made in a blender at once, then put in the jars. Makes sense that it could be..
    1. lawannagrace's Avatar
      lawannagrace -
      *bump*i haven't seen any directions to turn the mason jar upside down after filling with bar soap and hot water, but have read a comment or two saying they turned the jar upside down. is that part of the proceedure for making the soap? i made my first batch without turning the jars upside down and it turned out good.
    1. Donna-M's Avatar
      Donna-M -
      you just keep on getting better and better. thank you so much.
    1. Extrathrifty's Avatar
      Extrathrifty -
      has anyone had success with an immersion blender? i would probably "whip" it in a bowl & then transfer to my airtight storage container/ jar of choice.
    1. lucygoose's Avatar
      lucygoose -
      i made the lavender laundry sauce for my first adventure in making laundry detergent. i worked great, but i thought i'd try this method. can i add the purex crystals with the borax & washing soda?
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