Create a Spa in a Jar for instant relaxation and pampering for yourself or as a gift, even better- learn how to fill it for free!

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  • Spa in a Jar

    In need of a little pampering, or know someone who is? Here's a super easy, inexpensive, yet very well received Jar gift idea suitable for many ages.

    One of the things we love most about this thoughtful gift idea is the affordability. It's very inexpensive, if not nearly free if you happen to frequent our freebies forum. Many companies and brands offer wonderful free samples of beauty products, soaps, shampoos, body wash, skin care products and more.

    Send for these samples and collect them in a small box until you have enough to create these wonderful spa jars.

    Create your own Spa.. in a Jar! Everything you need for complete pampering

    This particular jar,
    pictured above contains a wide variety of spa items. Here are a few filler ideas for your own Spa jar:

    You'll Need:

    a Mason Jar (wide mouth or regular, both work fine)
    A strip of scrapbook paper Or wrapping paper in a pretty design or Tissue Paper
    Print or hand-write a label for your jar

    Simply wrap the strip around the jar (it's okay if it doesn't fit the entire way, you'll be adding a cute label anyways!)

    Add your label, "Spa in a Jar"

    Then carefully add your "ingredients"
    one item at a time. It's helpful to use the eraser end of a pencil to hold other items down, particularly if you're using a regular mouthed mason jar, rather than a wide-mouth jar.
    How to create an (almost FREE) Spa in a Jar gift

    What are your favorite Spa Jar contents?

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    Comments 13 Comments
    1. Suzymac's Avatar
      Suzymac -
      Very nice idea I think I'll try this as a Christmas gift
    1. Winddove's Avatar
      Winddove -
      This is darling! I do think someone would be charmed with such a sweet gift. Thank you.
    1. jmmquilter's Avatar
      jmmquilter -
      i love this idea. I am going to make a couple to have on hand for last minute gifts. it would also be very thoughtful to put one out for overnight guest.
    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      I plan on making this for a Christmas gift for my sister this year. Probably make one for my mom, too.
    1. tracy278's Avatar
      tracy278 -
      These would be great to make to sell at the Christmas bazaar. I never thought about this. Love.
    1. Lily627's Avatar
      Lily627 -
      Great idea! I think I will make some for the ladies at church. Love in a jar!
    1. mjwoodf's Avatar
      mjwoodf -
      What a great idea! I'm going to make some of these for gifts too.
    1. reneemc's Avatar
      reneemc -
      I always need extra gifts on hand this is a great idea
    1. Kim11571's Avatar
      Kim11571 -
      This is perfect for my daughter's 10th birthday spa party as a goodie bag.
    1. chyatt73's Avatar
      chyatt73 -
      I will be trying these soon!! VEry cute!
    1. weezie's Avatar
      weezie -
      I am going to try this for birthdays
    1. MBCBee's Avatar
      MBCBee -
      Lovely idea, will definitely try this
    1. QueenAngie's Avatar
      QueenAngie -
      Definitely a great idea! With recycling, could also use an empty and clean mayo jar or a pickle jar as an alternative to purchasing a new one! Shhhh! We won't tell.
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