• Spa in a Jar

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    1. Suzymac's Avatar
      Suzymac -
      very nice idea i think i'll try this as a christmas gift
    1. Winddove's Avatar
      Winddove -
      this is darling! i do think someone would be charmed with such a sweet gift. thank you.
    1. jmmquilter's Avatar
      jmmquilter -
      i love this idea. i am going to make a couple to have on hand for last minute gifts. it would also be very thoughtful to put one out for overnight guest.
    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      i plan on making this for a christmas gift for my sister this year. probably make one for my mom, too.
    1. tracy278's Avatar
      tracy278 -
      these would be great to make to sell at the christmas bazaar. i never thought about this. love.
    1. Lily627's Avatar
      Lily627 -
      great idea! i think i will make some for the ladies at church. love in a jar!

    1. mjwoodf's Avatar
      mjwoodf -
      what a great idea! i'm going to make some of these for gifts too.
    1. reneemc's Avatar
      reneemc -
      i always need extra gifts on hand this is a great idea
    1. Kim11571's Avatar
      Kim11571 -
      this is perfect for my daughter's 10th birthday spa party as a goodie bag.
    1. chyatt73's Avatar
      chyatt73 -
      i will be trying these soon!! very cute!
    1. weezie's Avatar
      weezie -
      i am going to try this for birthdays
    1. MBCBee's Avatar
      MBCBee -
      Lovely idea, will definitely try this
    1. QueenAngie's Avatar
      QueenAngie -
      Definitely a great idea! With recycling, could also use an empty and clean mayo jar or a pickle jar as an alternative to purchasing a new one! Shhhh!

      We won't tell.
    1. Magnolia3's Avatar
      Magnolia3 -
      I love gifts in a jar! So many possibilities!
    1. Guest's Avatar
      Guest -
      This is such a great Idea will be using it soon
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