• 300+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for All Ages

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    1. caroldelaney's Avatar
      caroldelaney -
      this is awesome and very helpful. thanks!
    1. geauxtigers's Avatar
      geauxtigers -
      great ideas. very helpful. thanks
    1. bon3262's Avatar
      bon3262 -
      what a great listing! thanks for sharing! my mind gets so boggled just trying to think of normal gifts that stocking gift lists are impossible to create.

      so this is a great list because i won't be so apt to buy my crutch purchases of 4 kids = 4 like giftsl
    1. KateM's Avatar
      KateM -
      some very great ideas! thank you for so many unique suggestions. christmas will be fun watching everyone go through their gifts.
    1. KysMomma's Avatar
      KysMomma -
      My daughter is 9-years-old and has Autism. Books are a favourite stocking stuffer, so are the foam art kits from Walmart or other craft stores. She loves using the stickers to create new projects!

      I also go to the dollar store, and buy small plastic containers for her sequins and glitter. Popsicle sticks are another great addition.
    1. hdchick's Avatar
      hdchick -
      great ideas, can't wait to use these as a reference
    1. Amym1965's Avatar
      Amym1965 -
      Can't wait to use this guide for the whole family!
    1. IrishIz's Avatar
      IrishIz -
      Been looking for new ideas for stocking stuffers!
    1. IrishIz's Avatar
      IrishIz -
      I have been looking for some new ideas for stocking stuffers. Thanks!
    1. shawmj's Avatar
      shawmj -
      Many great pointers on what to select for any age and special needs. Thank you.
    1. RLBandCRB's Avatar
      RLBandCRB -
      These seem like great ideas!
    1. RLBandCRB's Avatar
      RLBandCRB -
      I think i'Lloyd be able to use quite a few of these wonderful ideas
    1. Swalks015's Avatar
      Swalks015 -
      Love these great ideas for stocking stuffers! There are great suggestions I never thought of.
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