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    If you'd prefer not to become a supporting member, that's great too! has been a free resource for well over a decade and will continue to be available at no cost. These are just extra "perks" of becoming a supporting member.

    There are 3 supporting member options, 3 months ($12), 6 months ($22) or 1 year ($36 *Best Option = less than .70¢ per Week!)

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    1. Van Isle Girl's Avatar
      Van Isle Girl -
      I love this site. So much is here. Budget, crafts, family food, and so much more:worthy. Who could ask for anything more.
    1. CompuPro57's Avatar
      CompuPro57 -
      Can't stand all these ads making my page jump around and black out most of the time I am trying to view things. And I would like to know how do I post my own pic instead of using an avatar?
    1. RosesBistro1234's Avatar
      RosesBistro1234 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CompuPro57 View Post
      Can't stand all these ads making my page jump around and black out most of the time I am trying to view things. And I would like to know how do I post my own pic instead of using an avatar?
      That's strange, none of the ads that I see are moving. What browser do you use?

      Here's the link that explains how to change your avatar in the Tech Support Forum:

      Also, there's a FAQ for various features here too: FAQ
    1. ckarol's Avatar
      ckarol -
      Its worth the money
    1. cwolfe's Avatar
      cwolfe -
      I'm new to the site. I will check it out and may become a Supporting Member. Who knows!
    1. LyfsPeachy's Avatar
      LyfsPeachy -
      I'm not sure yet if it's worth paying just to get rid of ads
    1. Conniecb's Avatar
      Conniecb -
      I'm new to computer tech. I need time to learn. After I feel comfortable and knowledgable about this site I will probably join. My brain is old and slow, but willing to give things a try. Thanks.
    1. kellyeose44's Avatar
      kellyeose44 -
      Looking forward to seeing everything this site has to offer!
    1. Shema's Avatar
      Shema -
      Hi there. Glad I found you. I look forward to a very long and happy friendship
    1. vivianpoole's Avatar
      vivianpoole -
      I am excited about all the different things on this site. Can't wait to get to look at each section. Thanks. vivianpoole
    1. taralyn4529's Avatar
      taralyn4529 -
      I love this site and everything it has to offer.
      I really am grateful for an Ad-free option. Sometimes I hit them accidentally and end up on another site altogether!
      Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between and ad and a link on this site.
    1. Ellenwo's Avatar
      Ellenwo -
      I'm also new to the site. I'm looking forward to all the great things I see budget101 has to offer.
    1. janabanana's Avatar
      janabanana -
      Hi! Just stumbled across your site on Pinterest today. Impressive. You've done a great job and I look forward to spending time perusing the site and taking it all in. Thank you!!
    1. musemicw's Avatar
      musemicw -
      hmm may be able to do this next month
    1. creativebug's Avatar
      creativebug -
      Just new here, but the price to be a supporting member seems reasonable enough. Will think about it....
    1. LadyKey's Avatar
      LadyKey -
      I don't really notice annoying ads. I'm new though and finding time to thoroughly go through all the reading avenues will take me some time to investigate. More than likely if this is as good of site as I think it is so far, I'll support it just for that reason, irregardless of the ads or no ads.
    1. goodytwoshoes's Avatar
      goodytwoshoes -
      Hi, i'm a newbie also and delighted to find this site. So much to see and take in, but becoming a supporting membership sounds good to me. no ads? Yes please
    1. cajunmama85's Avatar
      cajunmama85 -
      This is definitely something I plan to do in a couple of paydays! Thank you for this option, ads really slow everything down.
    1. SuzAbbott127's Avatar
      SuzAbbott127 -
      Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I am so happy that I found you again. I was an original member when the site first started. I ended up leaving the online world sometime around 2006 due to health issues. As soon as I decided to go back to do things on the Internet again and one of the first things I did was look up Budget101 because it was always one of the absolute best websites that I belonged to. What an Amazing and Awesome site this has Grown into. I Loved it before but Wow now it is even more Amazing than it used to be. I am seriously considering becoming A Supporting Member just need to go over my monthly finances. Thank You so Much for making this the only one-stop place I need to go to for all things regarding household management!!
    1. Zacateca15's Avatar
      Zacateca15 -
      Hello members Newbie here. Found this site thru a link in a Pinterest post, it looks like I am going to like it here. Thanks for letting me join the group.
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