Need to replace your VitaMix Dome lid gasket? Here is an easy, do it yourself fix that costs less than $2.

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  • MYO VitaMix Dome Lid Gasket

    We have a Vita-Mix Commercial Maxi-4000. The Dome Lid Gasket broke. We COULD NOT find another gasket from Vita-Mix or any other small appliance repair shop, NOR anyplace on-line.Vita-Mix has stopped making these gaskets or any parts for this machine. You can get them on Ebay for $12 or so for just ONE. Too expensive for us! Our solution is to . . .
    1) go to a craft shop (we went to Jo-Anns) and look for a sheet of "foamy sheets" that measures 1/4" (6mm on the label) thick X 9" X 12" (or any other size) but 1/4" is the correct thickness

    2) place the dome lid on the sheet; press down on the lid in order to make an outline of the lid in the foamy sheet

    3) cut around the imprints

    4) press the cut-out into the lid groove. You can get 3 or 4 gaskets from ONE foamy sheet.

    Perhaps this procedure could be used to make gaskets for any food processor/blender.

    The cost for the foamy sheet was $1.49

    The 6mm (1/4") thickness fits right into the gasket groove.

    We ran our unit on HIGH, with the container FULL of water and DID NOT HAVE ANY LEAKS! Good luck.

    Hope this helps a lot of you who have this problem.

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    1. massageabilene's Avatar
      massageabilene -
      What a great idea! I have an old 3600 that needs a gasket. Thanks for the info.
    1. HerbLady's Avatar
      HerbLady -
      We've been known to do this with cardboard for head gaskets on cars. Works for heavy equipment too. They soak up the oil and seal quite nicely. We've done it for years.
    1. kayemom1's Avatar
      kayemom1 -
      I had the same thing happen and since I was using the Vita Mix, I took a clean thick rubberband and put in the groove around the lid. It worked great. Fortunately I had one of these rubberbands on hand. Not sure what I would have done otherwise. I love my Vita Mix and don't want to but a new one, so I will try the foam idea in the future. Thanks
    1. Smarti1957's Avatar
      Smarti1957 -
      I was wondering, would the rolls of stuff you buy to install replacement screens work? They are made to hold the screen in the channels on doors/windows that have screens.
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