• DIY: Car Organization

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    1. rott440's Avatar
      rott440 -
      i love this idea!! we just got back from a road trip today and seeing this made me chuckle. our trash bag was all over the car and just a pain.

      there will be a trash container in my car tomorrow...thanks!
    1. NDRN53768's Avatar
      NDRN53768 -
      this is such a great idea...thanks!
    1. Devildog's Avatar
      Devildog -
      this is one of the best ideas i have ever seen. thanks
    1. MOMOF4GIRLZ's Avatar
      Love love love this!
    1. eieen's Avatar
      eieen -

      fantastic will definatly use this idea on next outing
    1. Smile7's Avatar
      Smile7 -
      i love this idea! i have almost thought that i should have a trash can for each row of seats. we have a twelve passenger van.

      it seems like i can take care of the front area, but behind the second row always gets terrible, because i don't ride in the back and i can't see it.
    1. SamCarpenter's Avatar
      SamCarpenter -
      oh my gosh i am so tickled to find this!! have used one of those over the seat hanging things and it failed on a grand scale. betcha i will have a great trash container in my jeep by this afternoon!
    1. swthrt's Avatar
      swthrt -
      the best ideas i now use this instead of just a bag..yehhh
    1. kdsrauns's Avatar
      kdsrauns -
      This is the BEST idea for a car trash container I've seen. Thanks!
    1. jkris's Avatar
      jkris -
      Terrific idea! I will definitely be using this!
    1. LaReindeer's Avatar
      LaReindeer -
      Excellent concept! I will look for one a bit smaller for my car.
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