• Copycat Dailys Frozen Alcoholic Drinks

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    1. Tashdan's Avatar
      Tashdan -
      I dont know I never think of these things myself. I bought some mixers a couple months ago when they were on sale for $1 a bottle. I don't like how sweet they are on there own so we usually add fresh fruit or use less of the mixer to alter the sweetness.

      I also dont care for the super sweet syrup-like texture of the store bought frozen drinks so I think this one will be a hit at our next bbq too.
    1. GR33N's Avatar
      GR33N -
      awesome! have not had the pleasure of making my ownso this will be a ttotal hit!!
    1. needabath's Avatar
      needabath -
      If you use a vacuum seal bag, squeeze out as much air as possible, then freeze. After all liquid is frozen then use the vacuum sealer...
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