Looking for a way to show Dad he's appreciated without spending a lot of money? Then, try one of these ultra-cheap, but ultra-thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas:

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  • 7 More Father's Day Gift ideas

    So I'm on a search for some frugal ideas. Here's some ideas I've found so far. Looking for a way to show Dad he's appreciated without spending a lot of money? Then, try one of these ultra-cheap, but ultra-thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas:

    1. A Dream Fund
    We all have something that we really want, but can't afford. Figure out what that is for Dad a new car, a vacation, a fancy tool and start a fund for it. This can be as simple as filling a jar with change or placing a few dollars in a savings account. The amount of money you contribute really isn't important you just want to show him
    that you support his dream.

    2. Custom Golf Balls
    Does your dad like to golf? If so, he's sure to love this idea: round up twelve old golf balls and some permanent markers. Then, tap into your inner artist, and transform those balls from boring to bold. Color them with his team's favorite colors, make caricatures of your family, camouflage them the possibilities are limitless.

    For a fun presentation, place the finished balls inside an empty egg carton.

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    3. A Week of Special Lunches
    Does Dad take his lunch to work each day? If so, treat him to a week of special lunches. You can bake up special desserts, make him his favorite sandwich, surprise him with little love notes whatever you choose, it's sure to be tasty for him and affordable for you.

    4. A Day Off

    Dad works hard, and deserves a day off from time to time, so make Father's Day that day. Let him know that from sun up to sun down he can do exactly what he wants watch TV, hang out with the guys,
    tinker with the car it's all fair game on Dad's Day Off.

    Does Dad like to fish? If so, you can announce your gift by presenting him with a container of worms first thing in the morning. He's sure to get the message and split.

    5. Dinner or Dessert Out
    Father's Day is a great time to treat Dad to a meal out, since many restaurants offer dads a free meal to celebrate the occasion. Do a little research to find out if any restaurants in your area are running a special Father's Day promotion. Then, take Dad out, and don't worry about the bill.

    If you aren't able to find a free deal for Dad, consider taking him out for dessert instead. It'll still be a treat, but it won't cost you as much as dinner.

    6. Take Out an Ad

    You know how much you love your dad, but does the rest of the world? If not, now's the time to declare your love. Take out an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper to tell Dad just how much you appreciate him.

    Tip: Lots of newspapers offer special
    Father's Day listings, but you can always tuck yours away in the announcements section, if your paper doesn't do this.

    7. A Clean Car

    A freshly detailed car is guaranteed to make any dad swoon. Grab a few supplies from around the house and get busy washing, polishing and vacuuming your Dad's ride into tip-top shape.

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