Here's our favorite Dirty Little Secret for how we get hundreds of peppers every year with very little work

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  • Boosting Pepper Production

    Last year I harvested literally hundreds of peppers from my little garden. One neighbor in particular remarked several times how she "just couldn't understand it" because she'd NEVER been able to get peppers to prosper in her garden.

    Here's a little secret- In a mister bottle dissolve 1 tsp of Epsom salts in about 3 cups of warm water.
    Spray your pepper plants liberally. This vitamin mist will give your pepper plants a boost of magnesium which is necessary during flowering to produce fruit.

    Wait 10 days and then Spray them again, liberally. Within a few weeks, you'll have more peppers
    than you can shake a stick at!

    We do this with all of our pepper plants, jalapenos, bell peppers, etc.

    Happy Gardening

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    1. bleedingace's Avatar
      bleedingace -
      I will try this, this year because I have to can salsa, lots of salsa. Can't wait to see the results. Thank you so much for posting!!!
    1. dct9000's Avatar
      dct9000 -
      thanks a bunch, will try this also. I have several peppers planted and always have epsom salt on hand.
    1. jackieb's Avatar
      jackieb -
      Very interesting. I will have to give this a try. I have not been successful at all with any kind of pepper plant.
    1. Helen's Avatar
      Helen -
      Great idea! I'll have to try this.
    1. debbiedh's Avatar
      debbiedh -
      I too will try this, but I need lots of help with my cucumbers and tomatoes. They are doing horrible this year. I have never had such a hard time getting cukes and tomatoes to grow.
    1. Donna-M's Avatar
      Donna-M -
      great idea. Can't have to many pepper. My husband will love this idea. Thanks
    1. BJanT's Avatar
      BJanT -
      Wow! My pepper production this year was so bad. My bell peppers would bloom then the blooms would fall off. Look forward to trying this in the spring.
    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      Sounds good. Will keep that in mind. Not sure if I'll try to grow peppers this year, but if i do, I will have a happy hubby!! Anything to help the budget and teach the kids good habits, too!! If this works on pepper plants, will it work on other veggie plants?
    1. missybeck37's Avatar
      missybeck37 -
      Very interesting. I've never heard of that. This year when I plant peppers I will have to try this trick so I can grow more peppers than have to buy them.
    1. paperpeople's Avatar
      paperpeople -
      When you first plant your pepper seedlings pinch out the tips of the branches. It will cause the plants to form 2 branches at each tip & especially for peppers... the more branches the more blooms.
    1. YikesMama's Avatar
      YikesMama -
      Great ideas! I need help with my peppers.
    1. Tipsy's Avatar
      Tipsy -
      I'll be trying this, seems like I only get a few peppers per plant every year, so I'm really hoping this works.
    1. onceburnt's Avatar
      onceburnt -
      Thanks!I'llbe trying this on my many bell,jalapeno,and banana pepers this year
    1. SCMEAL0's Avatar
      SCMEAL0 -
      Thanx for the tip just ordered 60 purple pepper seeds and would like a good harvest next summer!
    1. Baygarden's Avatar
      Baygarden -
      Do you spray the plant before, during or after it blooms? Do you only spray them two times or every ten days?
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by Baygarden View Post
      Do you spray the plant before, during or after it blooms? Do you only spray them two times or every ten days?

      You spray them before and do NOT spray the blooms.
    1. heygable's Avatar
      heygable -
      Such good information! Thanks!
    1. lizzicat101's Avatar
      lizzicat101 -
      How big do the peppers need to be before you spray the first time?
    1. Lisa68's Avatar
      Lisa68 -
      As a newbie to gardening I am going to try this.THANKS
    1. MamaSmurf's Avatar
      MamaSmurf -
      Epsom salts are great help in the garden. I put on tomatoes, too.
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