• Amazing Scum Removing Cleaner

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    1. Karen O'Connor's Avatar
      Karen O'Connor -
      thanks liss. i'm definately trying this on the weekend when i have some time to get to cleaning the bathroom--this must be the worst chore around!!
    1. mechelle's Avatar
      mechelle -
      omg thank you so much liss, i used this on my dh's shower last night. it is always awful and he is supposed to clean it, but never does. i sprayed it down, and he comes in from work earlier, jumps straight in the shower within 30 minutes of my spraying it.

      I got him to wipe it down and all the nasty soap scum came off.

      This is my new favorite household cleaner.
    1. C2Ranches's Avatar
      C2Ranches -
      going to give this a try. i know that i asked a office cleaning crew how the kept the windows from streaking when they clean them. they said all they use is vinegar water with a drop or two of dawn in their bottles.

      the dawn cuts the grease film that makes windows streak.

    1. mardhines's Avatar
      mardhines -
      wow great idea! we have a lot of hard water deposits and such where we live ( smack in the middle of the desert in nm), would this solution cut those as well? i have such a time with that.

    1. Blessingluvr's Avatar
      Blessingluvr -
      oh my goodness - this rocks!!! unbelievable how awesome this works!! and even works well in kitchen sink, stove, microwave.

      its best if you can rinse with water before wiping, because it soaps and scums the cleaning rag
    1. angelsrcrying's Avatar
      angelsrcrying -
      i have hard water that leaves spots on our car windows, i will have to try it on them too.
    1. CrazyMomof7's Avatar
      CrazyMomof7 -
      thanks, this works great!!!!
    1. JoAnn's Avatar
      JoAnn -
      awesome idea, thanks much.. i've always used vinegar and water never thought about adding dawn.
    1. AUmama's Avatar
      AUmama -
      oh no! the fumes smelled up my bathroom, bedroom & into the hallway! had to rinse it immediately & run the exhaust fan.

      i usually clean w/ the ajax scrub that has bleach, so maybe i created a terrible chemical reaction, so beware.
    1. sm2953's Avatar
      sm2953 -
      thanks! i'm going to try this in my shower/tub. i hate spending so much for those bathroom cleaners.
    1. jrodgers's Avatar
      jrodgers -
      we usually put off cleaning the shower because the last time we cleaned it it took two days to remove all of the buildup with a synthtic scrubbing pad and the shop vac. i sprayed down the shower at about 11:00 this morning and started wiping it down about 3:30 PM. By 4:30 PM it was done and far cleaner than with our previous cleaning method.

      Thanks so much for this tip.

      - Jane
    1. farmkat's Avatar
      farmkat -
      this is my type of cleaning - spray and walk away!
      i am for sure going to try this... and my shower sure needs it.
    1. vndtackitt's Avatar
      vndtackitt -
      can't wait to try this!!! the shower is by far my least favorite thing to clean so this just might be the answer to my cleaning nightmare!!!
    1. gigi58's Avatar
      gigi58 -
      does this work on bath tub and shower wall??? i have a problem with soap scum, i tried different cleaner, lots of work to get off, never comes off completely, always leaves behing soap scum, can't seem to get it all off..........
    1. Vasariah's Avatar
      Vasariah -
      there is one little catch....the dawn should be the original (dark blue) as it does not work with their 'other' types or colors.
    1. Jane's Avatar
      Jane -
      Quote Originally Posted by Vasariah View Post
      There is one little catch....the dawn should be the original (dark blue) as it does not work with their 'other' types or colors.
      lol, yup- that's what the recipe says, use original,
      "1/2 c. of Dawn Dishsoap (Original) Don't waste your time with the girly scented versions!"
      I've used both original and heavy dtuy (which is the dark blue one you're referring too). They both work great.
    1. Marie693's Avatar
      Marie693 -
      better rinse it out good when using in the tub or show or someone may slip and fall.
    1. lucygoose's Avatar
      lucygoose -
      tub and shower are disgusting! i haven't found any commercial cleaner i'm satisfied with, so i'm giving this a try. just sprayed my tub and shower, stay tuned!
    1. lucygoose's Avatar
      lucygoose -
      Quote Originally Posted by lucygoose View Post
      Tub and shower are disgusting! I haven't found any commercial cleaner i'm satisfied with, so i'm giving this a try. just sprayed my tub and shower, stay tuned!
      well, i gave it a try, worked pretty well for how bad the guys' shower & tub looked.

      i'll have to give it another shot or two to get it completely clean, but for the price of the ingredients, i don't feel so bad.

      much better than so-so results with a cleaner costing up to $4 a bottle.
    1. Sally Gordin's Avatar
      Sally Gordin -
      awesome!! can't wait to try it.
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