• Cupcake With Sprinkles Costume Idea

    Everybody wants to look good and have a costume that is unique on Halloween and the best way to do that is to make your own. A Cupcake is fun costume for little kids.

    You'll Need:
    a white twin flat sheet cut in half or
    a brown sheet cut in four pieces or a section of brown ruffle curtain
    a needle and thread
    different colored construction paper cut into little circles.

    First take the white sheet and starch it until it is damp. Then fold the sheet back and forth to get the pleated look of a paper cupcake holder, iron it until it is stiff and then sew the two ends of the white sheet together.
    Take one piece of the brown sheet and sew the ends onto the top of the white sheet.
    cut a hole out for your head and arms to go through the brown sheet. Lastly, glue the little circles onto the brown sheet.

    Now you have a cupcake with sprinkles!
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      FreebieQueen -
      Attachment 15711Here's another really simple version you can do too
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