Here is the easiest, creamy, smooth, delectable Hot fudge sauce recipe that will ever grace your lips.

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  • MYO Hot Fudge Sauce

    Here is the easiest, creamy, smooth, delectable Hot fudge sauce recipe that will ever grace your lips.

    4 Ingredient Smooth Hot Fudge Sauce that can be used as a quickie rich ganache

    Normally, the difference between hot fudge sauce and ganache is that ganache is equal parts of heavy cream and high-quality chocolate and hot fudge sauce are more frequently made with less expensive cocoa powder. By using semi-sweet chocolate squares, this creates a very smooth ganache-like consistency, making this the perfect choice for topping homemade eclairs, puff pastries or other desserts.

    You'll Need:
    * 1 (14-ounce) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
    * 4 (1-ounce) squares semisweet baking
    * 2 tablespoons butter (no substitutes)
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Combine sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and butter in a heavy saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly until the chocolate is fully incorporated and the sauce is smooth. Remove from heat and add the vanilla. Serve immediately!

    This lovely thick, rich sauce holds well over ice cream or on a cake without pooling on the bottom. It goes great with cream puffs or homemade eclairs

    ** It's best not to use Chocolate Chips for this recipe as they are specially formulated to hold their shape and do not melt as well as Bakers Semi-sweet chocolate.

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    1. SC_GAL's Avatar
      SC_GAL -
      Tried for my son's birthday on cream puffs...just reduce the liquid by half then add more til you have the right texture...
      Did I mention it tasted wonderful?
      My son now has a new fav bday cake!
    1. freebygrace85's Avatar
      freebygrace85 -
      Looks delicious!!!
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