• UnExpected Flu Prevention and Cure

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    1. Jane's Avatar
      Jane -
      omg, i have to tell you that this works and thank you so much! my son came down with the flu, sinus infection and was hawking up green loogies (sorry to be graphic). i remembered seeing this post a couple weeks ago and searched for it again.

      i bought him some cayenne and it's only been 3 days. He went from sounding like he was coughing up a lung with thick nasty mucus to clear sinuses and no cough! I'm giving him 2 capsules twice a day and I bought the cheap vicks stuff at the dollar store to put on his feet at night too.

      I don't know how long the regular vicks stuff lasts but I did notice for 2 nights that we had to reapply it about 4 hours later.

      you rock lady!
    1. Tashdan's Avatar
      Tashdan -
      thank you! i too have to agree that this absolutely works like a charm. i woke up the other morning very congested with a sinus infection and coughing like crazy.

      apparently i had kept my other half up for most of the night without realizing it. i picked up some cayenne pepper capsules and took 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night before bed with a couple pieces of toast each time. Eat a piece of toast, take the capsules, eat the other piece of toast. I guess you could call it a cayenne sandwich.

      It REALLY works. My sinus infection is completely gone. I can't believe they haven't done studies on this.
    1. mmrcva8's Avatar
      mmrcva8 -
      thanks so much for this! every (and i mean every) time the weather changes we have this problem. since my kids (6 ages 10-20) love spicy stuff this will be great!
    1. Chele_D's Avatar
      Chele_D -
      i really wanted to try this and was going to order the capsules, because spicy and i don't get along. i saw your warning about blood thinners. i had no idea cayenne interfered with blood thinners.

      i've been on coumadin for about 6 months and this was the first i'd heard. So thanks for the warning!
    1. sunshinedragon's Avatar
      sunshinedragon -
      thank you so much for posting this! if i bought empty pill capsules and filled it with the tea, or bits of the peppers, would it be as effective? i don't really enjoy spicy stuff, but i can tolerate it.
    1. TeresaB01's Avatar
      TeresaB01 -
      would ground cayenne powder be an option ?
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by TeresaB01 View Post
      Would ground cayenne powder be an option ?
      No, it is Not advisable. If you prefer powder, your best bet would be to take the capsules, imho.
    1. TeresaB01's Avatar
      TeresaB01 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Liss View Post
      No, it is Not advisable. If you prefer powder, your best bet would be to take the capsules, imho.
      Thank you! I'm up for whatever.

      I've been sick for over a week.
    1. MrsPaws's Avatar
      MrsPaws -
      i've heard about the medicinal uses of hot peppers/chilies for years. lots of scientific research that i don't have or the links and such.
      plus honey, if used, is full of antioxidants. wonder about using lemon??
      and let's face it, we all know ginger is beyond healthy.

      but i have a question...does this remedy prevent the 'green snotitis' from sinus infections or only one that's a secondary infection from the flu?
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrsPaws View Post
      I've heard about the medicinal uses of hot peppers/chilies for years. Lots of scientific research that I DON'T have or the links and such.
      But I have a question...does this remedy prevent the 'Green Snotitis' from sinus infections or only one that's a secondary infection from the flu?
      Hi MrsPaws! I went in and added a few links of supporting studies for those that prefer a little more info than, "I do it, so you should too", lol. I spend entirely too much time reading naturopathic journals, studies and herbal books/articles. My kids groan when I come in from the fields carrying bundles of plants to dry . . .

      To answer your question- it does appear to prevent the green junk as well. We've all been taking Cayenne off and on throughout the winter (since about Thanksgiving) and we all got nailed with the Flu- but it lasted less than 72 hours from start to finish and was considerably milder/less harsh than what we saw the majority of our friends go through this season.

      My oldest has a tendency to get "snotitis", as you put it, lol, and now when he starts feeling ANYTHING Sinus-related coming on he starts putting the old cayenne capsules Right to him. He takes as many as 6 per day if he has any sinus pressure. (2 per meal).

      We've had people ask if they um.. hurt when coming out. But they don't bother any of us at all.
    1. wilbe95's Avatar
      wilbe95 -
      this is awesome! i normally have sinus problems all of the time and almost live on decongestions and aleve. about three weeks ago i started taking the capsicool and let me share with you that after the third day i have not had one sinus pill nor have i had any of the headache pressure!

      love the fact that this is healthy and wont hurt my liver. i was so worried that this week i was going to be down with a cold or the flu. i traveled by plane for a meeting last week and everyone around me was hacking and sniffling.

      i actually got a sore neck from cringing everytime i heard a sniffle or cough. i was stuck on the plane for close to two and half hours each way. i take two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening and i have no sniffles and no cough!
    1. 4mygirlz's Avatar
      4mygirlz -
      i am a huge fan of the netti pot, personally. i use saline in my nose & also gargle with it when i start to feel something coming on. while you can't do a nasal wash on small children a little on a qtip swabbed inside the nose will work.

      its all pretty inexpensive & very safe ( no side effects)
    1. KatLeo's Avatar
      KatLeo -
      some sickies just hit the house - gonna try this thanks so much
    1. ameritkd's Avatar
      ameritkd -
      any suggestions for small children? i have an 18 mo old and a 5 yr old. Also what dose on the capsules for a 10 and 14 yr old?
    1. foreverme's Avatar
      foreverme -
      here's something to try and it works also, if anyone in your household has the flu take an onion peel it and cut it in 1/2 or 1/4 and put one piece into a bowl. Place the onions in the bowl into your living room, bedroom or whatever room the sick person is going to be. The onion will pull the sickness out of the room so others don't get sick.

      This does work. I was sick and my husband did this and he didn't get sick at all. When the onion gets to looking brown we just tossed it in the garbage.

      I hope this helps others out as well. Thanks
    1. twighahn's Avatar
      twighahn -
      I use comfrey once/year. It makes me sick for one day when I'm usually sick the whole year
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