Learn how to make your own wikki stix- bendaroos type of toys

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  • Make your Own Wikki Stix- Bendaroos

    Ive been searching everywhere for a way to make my own Bendaroos. Ya know, those fun bending little strings? They are so expensive. Anyway, I found a way to make them and it works really well! Here's how . . .

    Make your own Wikki Stix/Bendaroos-style Toys

    1 toilet sealant wax ring (cost me $1.59)
    1/2 cup of paraffin wax (1 box cost $3.49-you can get 4-batches from 1-box)
    Colorful yarn cut into 8-10 inch pieces.
    Brown paper bag or wax paper

    (This batch makes about 80-90 pieces.)

    Melt the toilet wax ring and the paraffin wax in a double boiler (I used an oven safe glass bowl inside of
    a pot of water)
    Once the wax has started to melt pull out the plastic ring part out of the wax and discard it.
    Once all the wax is melted, drop 4-5 pieces of yarn into the wax. Let them get completely coated.

    Using small metal tongs or tweezers, pull them out by dragging them up against the side of the bowl to removes excess wax. Lay them on a brown paper bag or wax paper to dry.

    I tried just dropping a bunch in and letting them cool in a clump. It worked “ok” but those pieces ended up having dried clumps of wax on them. Just works better to take the time to do just a few at a time

    Don’t stress out trying to lay them all out straight. It just doesn’'t matter in the end.

    I used all of the wax and ended up with about 80 12-inch pieces.

    The colors end up darker than the beginning color so our brown was pretty much just black. Our orange & pink were both a salmon color. Purple was dark purple. )

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    1. SaraCate's Avatar
      SaraCate -
      I just bought a decent-sized pack (100 count, I think?) at the dollar store - and they were the brand-name Bendaroos! If that sourse fizzles, though, this will be a good trick under my mom-of-little-ones hat.
    1. cmjune76's Avatar
      cmjune76 -
      I bought Bendaroos from TV from my very insistent 5 year old nearly 3 years ago... and boy was I irritated when I found out what they were made from. I felt like a fool!
      Albeit.. she still plays with them... 3 years later! she straigtens them out and makes new designs for her door and wall all the time!
    1. Duckiesmom's Avatar
      Duckiesmom -
      I bought the name brand kit ( a small one ) for my daughter and was glad I did not get the big kit because she only played with it for a short while. This might be fun to try with my after school child care kids, they love to craft.
    1. MeierManagerie's Avatar
      MeierManagerie -
      Another great thing to do with these is for your early writer, use two of these to outline the top and bottom of the lines on writing paper. This causes them to have to keep their pencil within the lines helping with learning letter sizing! We have a kindergartener with physical issues, and his occupational therapist uses these for a ton of things!
    1. RainStormAK's Avatar
      RainStormAK -
      Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to make some for my nephew and niece.
    1. mastrangelo5's Avatar
      mastrangelo5 -
      I never knew you could make those! thanks
    1. autumn59's Avatar
      autumn59 -
      I've never heard of these, but I just might try making some for crafting.
    1. rebeccab's Avatar
      rebeccab -
      I'm just about to start my school year and have a first grade class this year. I'm going to need a ton - perhaps I'll outsource the job to a hung-ho parent who wants to help but can't come in during the week. I can't wait.
    1. rebeccab's Avatar
      rebeccab -
      So, I just made my first batch. It was easy - but the clean up was a bit sticky as I didn't want any of the wax to go into the septic system.
    1. officersbrat's Avatar
      officersbrat -
      Sounds like a great and easy project with a fun toy at the end.
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