• Protruding Bone Effect

    Create a freaky protruding bone effect in under 10 minutes flat for a freaky last minute costume addition this Halloween.
    DIY Quickie Halloween Protruding Bone Effect
    You'll Need:

    1 T. Clear Gelatin
    1 T. Boiling Hot Tea (brewed to match your skin tone)- this is what "colors" your faux skin
    1/4 tsp Liquid Glycerin
    Chicken Bone
    Fake Blood

    In a small bowl mix the clear gelatin, boiling hot tea and liquid glycerin, stirring well. This mixture will VERY quickly become a translucent fake skin, once it's cool enough to handle, spread it thinly on your "victim.

    You'll have to work FAST, this cools very quickly and hardens.

    While it's still pliable, use a toothpick or wooden skewer to (gently!) break the surface of the "skin" giving it the appearance of being torn open. Slip one end of the chicken bone underneath, leaving the jagged end partially exposed. This works best if done on an exposed foot or wrist. Wrap gauze around the wound gently, apply fake blood & continue to cover your "victim" with various cuts, scrapes and bruises.

    Removes easily with warm water and dawn dishsoap.
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    1. my4mainecoons's Avatar
      my4mainecoons -
      OMG that looks so real and is SO GROSS! Awesome, I LOVE it, we are totally using this for halloween this year! I think we'll save some beef rib bones and make broken ribs using this effect!! Thanks!
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