• Infected Burn Victim Wound Effect for Halloween

    Create a sinister looking pus-infected burn effect using a few basic ingredients from your pantry & or kids crafts supplies! This effect takes less than 20 minutes to create.

    Halloween Special Effect: Burn Victim Tutorial

    Just a quick note- my apologies up front for the strange camera angle shots, It's quite difficult to take photos of one's Own arm

    You'll Need:
    Elmers Glue (any kids glue will work)
    Powdered Charcoal or ashes (cooled obviously!)
    Ketchup or fake blood
    Hair Dryer - if you're the impatient type

    First, apply a generous layer of white glue over the area you wish to "burn". Spread it with your fingertips
    to create an even Layer.

    Second, toast the marshmallow over open flame. Here, I just used the burners on my gas stove, you can toast it however you like. Now, pull the outer layer of toasted marshmallow from the gooey middle. Eat the middle. Place the marshmallow on a plate, cut it open and gently scrape off the inside residual goo, cool.

    Place it on your victim over the glue (which will be about half dry by now). Arrange several pieces to achieve desired effect. Add a little more glue to the edges of the marshmallow, let it dry. (This will help seal the marshmallow, hold it's shape longer and prevent it from being a sticky mess on your arm). You can use a hair dryer at this point to speed up the process.

    Add about 1/4 tsp of charcoal powder. Here I used 1 capsule of activated charcoal. The same effect can be achieved using ashes from a fireplace. Sprinkle it lightly
    over the "burn" and then blow on it gently to get the excess powder off.

    Last, but not least, add a bit of gauze around the "wound" and touch up with spots of blood.

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