• Pink Flamingo Skeletons

    Freak out the neighbors with these delightfully wicked pink flamingo skeletons! They appear completely normal during the day, but at night, they transpose into glowing skeletons. Here's how to make them . . .

    Halloween Flamingo Skeletons- Normal by day, skeleton by night!
    You'll Need:
    a Pair of Plastic Pink Flamingos- these are often available at the dollar store for only a buck!
    Glow in the Dark Paint
    Skeleton Pattern

    Lightly draw the bone pattern onto your plastic flamingo using the skeleton pattern guideline. Paint the areas with glow paint, be sure not to use water-based paint (washable paint) as it will NOT stick to the flamingo. Let it
    dry 4-6 hours, charge it well in the sunshine and watch your neighbors do a double take when the sun goes down.

    Here's what your flamingo will look like to your neighbors during the day:

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