• Floating Transparent Ghost Decor

    Create your own seemingly floating ghosts to haunt your home this Halloween! These adorable critters can be made in all sizes.
    Nearly Transparent floating ghosts are so easy to make!

    You'll Need:

    Empty Bottle or Milkjug, or Large Soda Bottle (Big Boss Size)
    Scrap felt/Fabric for eyes
    Balloon or floral foam ball (for the head)
    Heavy Starch
    Large Bowl

    Create a working area with an old towel. Since you'll be using very sticky starch (& quite a bit of it!) you'll want to make sure the area is well covered.

    Here's how to form your ghost, Here I used a vinegar jug, a balloon (attached with hot glue- don't ask, it was the kids
    idea) and some wire bent for the arms.

    Next, drape your cheesecloth over the the ghost form, make sure that it is the correct size for the ghost form. Then, gently remove it, run it under warm water, wring gently.

    Place in the bowl, pour just enough liquid starch over the cheesecloth to cover it. Wring gently to get excess starch off.

    Drape gently over the ghost form, shape, let dry 5 minutes.

    Go back and Reshape any ares that you want to change, let set to dry.

    This process takes about 25 minutes total outside in the sunshine. Indoors it can take up to 3 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.

    Gently remove the form from your ghostly body and Voila, You have a new Spook!
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