Learn how to organize your freezer and always know what you have on hand without having to keep lists

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  • Simple Freezer Organization

    Stockpiling a decent freezer stash can really help save on the grocery bill, but having your freezer is disarray causes you to think you're out of something when you're not! Here's a simple way to organize your freezer . . .
    DIY Simple Freezer Organization tips to ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten about!

    We have several large freezers and over the years, we've discovered that the best way to avoid food spoilage and having items get lost in the shuffle is to separate them using tote tubs.

    Using the totes makes this very easy to organize your food by date as well as type. Each type of item gets its own tote: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Ground Turkey, Halibut, Frozen Vegetables,
    Cheese etc.

    Using the totes makes it very simple to see which items are running low and need replenishment without having to keep lists on the freezer. To get the most out of the space, freeze items flat (such as soups, pie fillings, etc) and then, once they are completely frozen stand them up in the the individual tote tubs.

    How to Organize your freezer so nothing gets lost, forgotten about and freezer-burned before you get to enjoy it!

    Having worked in a restaurant, we follow the FIFO rule, which is First In, First Out. Essentially what the means is- you use things up in the order that you purchase them. If you have frozen chicken in your freezer and you buy more, you place it BEHIND the chicken already there- so that the chicken you purchased first is used first. This way, you're not ending up with freezer-burnt food that has lost quality and nutrients.

    The containers used here were purchased at Lowes in the storage/organization department for about $2-3 each. I prefer the heavy duty black plastic ones that are meant for garages because they dip in the front and make it easy to
    grab items quickly. The other containers are clear plastic tubs that I purchased at walmart for $2-3. They slide out easily and work great. You can fit 2 containers per shelf and still have room between them for loaves of bread, ice cream, etc.

    I prefer this method over the "Make a list of the Freezer Contents and cross it out as you go" Method- because it seems that I was the only person in the household to ever pay attention & Cross things out! It also makes it simple to "eyeball" what items you're running low on. The next time you grab a package of chicken or pork (etc) you can see quickly whether you have plenty or need to add it to the grocery list.

    How do you organize your freezer? We'd love to see your tips as well . . .

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    1. cknmom's Avatar
      cknmom -
      This is a great idea !! The lists don't work for me either. I have always done the FIFO method anyway. We are a family of eight now and are going to invest in a stand up freezer after the first of the year. I will go over this idea with my DD and I am sure that we will be going shopping for plastic containers soon. I think we may do something like this when we re-organize our big pantry also! Thank you,
    1. Shack's Avatar
      Shack -
      We use wire baskets in our freezer - the thicker kinds you can find at home improvement stores. The process is the same though - first in, first out.

      Also, when I freeze soups or other items I will press it out flat in the zip top bag and freeze it on a sheet pan, that is resting on top of the baskets. Once it is frozen, I will store it standing up, kind of like a file cabinet.
      Hope this makes sense.

      Bins or baskets - both definitely help in keeping the freezer organized!
    1. Marie22864's Avatar
      Marie22864 -
      I love this idea! I can't wait to go buy bins and organize my freezer!
    1. Lindak's Avatar
      Lindak -
      I am working on this one and it is great idea, Baby steps for me due to $ involved
      to purchase bins.
    1. katmontini's Avatar
      katmontini -
      great idea to get the most room from the freezer and to know just what I have
    1. bigbadbrenda's Avatar
      bigbadbrenda -
      We received our new freezer today and now I have to remove whats in the chest freezer. I have 6 shelves and going to separate the meats per shelf. 1 for premade meals/soups and the bottom one for soup makings, bones, veggie ends etc. Am so happy not to be digging to see what I have.
      I also make sauces and freeze them in ziplock bags flat so the stock, some soups are frozen flat as well.
    1. SherryCL's Avatar
      SherryCL -
      Any help for a chest freezer? I have a small freezer and use baskets but only a couple will fit with lots of extra space. Guess I need a hint on how to stack the baskets and still be able to get to stuff without having to empty the freezer every time I need something.
    1. phunkyphreak's Avatar
      phunkyphreak -
      That is a great idea I never thought to organizer it with plastic containers
    1. tangotweetheart's Avatar
      tangotweetheart -
      This is a great idea! I feel as though you have been snooping in my freeze[
    1. Aimers's Avatar
      Aimers -
      This is a GREAT idea. Makes me wanna organize my 2 freezers.
    1. Joeysparklesben's Avatar
      Joeysparklesben -
      Any tips for those of us that are single and only have a freezer on the top of fridge? About 1/4 size of the unit. Thanks!
    1. Bluefire77's Avatar
      Bluefire77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by SherryCL View Post
      Any help for a chest freezer? I have a small freezer and use baskets but only a couple will fit with lots of extra space. Guess I need a hint on how to stack the baskets and still be able to get to stuff without having to empty the freezer every time I need something.
      Know this is an older post but hope this helps: I bough extra Grocery bags, the kind made of material, from the store and use these in our chest freezer. Makes finding thigs alot easier. Have hamburger in a couple, chicken in one and pork in another. Store cheese in a clear bin on the top.
    1. HerbLady's Avatar
      HerbLady -
      I have 2 freezers. The chest freezer contains meat and I also use cloth bags. The upright is fruits and vegetables. Fruit goes on the top shelf. Vegetables are divided by type on the rest of the shelves. I do not use anything in that one. As long as I'm the only one in there things stay orderly.

      The small freezer on top of the unit is my 'short term' freezer. This is where stuff I will be using that week goes. My neighbors are all what we refer to as 'hard core' Amish so this is the one I allow them to place a gallon or two of ice cream in. I don't want people in and out of my deep freeze. I gets me some free goodies as a thank you.
    1. vndtackitt's Avatar
      vndtackitt -
      I will have to attack my freezer tomorrow! I just had an avalanche of frozen goods falling out of my freezer today... hopefully this will keep that from happening again
    1. msweeneye's Avatar
      msweeneye -
      Cant wait to do this. Im tired of stuff falling on me everytime I open the freezer.
    1. amante7777's Avatar
      amante7777 -
      I actually haven't had the need or space for a deep freezer, however, with my family size due to increase by three next spring, I will be purchasing one. I love this organization tip, using designated bins for particular items is a wonderfully smart, space saving idea! Can't wait to implement this one.
    1. sandstorm's Avatar
      sandstorm -
      i use frozen whipped topping and other food containers (that food comes in anyway). the atack so good and it's just enough for 2 meals for one grandma. I take one day after good sales at the grocery store and cook meals for the next 2 weeks and freeze them. Gives me more time for the important things-Grandson, pets, art garden, etc.
    1. Winddove's Avatar
      Winddove -
      Some great ideas! Here's another: I like to see what I am putting in the containers. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and they come in those clear containers. They work great. For the really large clear Salad containers? I put my shoes in those.
      These are excellent to put grains and flours in as well as nuts that you want to freeze.
    1. kheffner's Avatar
      kheffner -
      I love the container idea for the freezer...was concerned it would take up to much space but it looks like you can still place items between the containers.....will be doing this as soon as I purchase the containers....also will be freezing items in large ziplocs so it will be flat....much easier to store....
    1. kheffner's Avatar
      kheffner -
      Well, I tried the storage containers in my freezer, and they didn't fit...We bought a new freezer awhile back and the shelves aren't as deep...use to have a bigger freezer but it was old and draining alot of electricity so we bought a energy efficient freezer....I sure miss the bigger one cause I was able to really stock up on meats and frozen goods...oh, well, guess I will just try to keep it organize the way I have.....certain items on different shelves....
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