• 21 Clever Uses for Coffee Grounds

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    1. sheilajane's Avatar
      sheilajane -
      you can also add 1/2 as much of fresh coffee to make another pot of coffee!
    1. bettywho's Avatar
      bettywho -
      they also are fab for your garden- adds niutirents to the soil not just for carrots and radishes! plants love them!
    1. jessiey's Avatar
      jessiey -
      wow great ideas!!!! thanks!
    1. KrousQueen's Avatar
      KrousQueen -
      really good ideas. thanks everyone.
    1. Light's Avatar
      Light -
      this is safe as a flea dip for cats? hmmm must remember this one.
    1. denisern's Avatar
      denisern -
      i love the idea to use on dogs for fleas! thanks!
    1. elfant8262's Avatar
      elfant8262 -
      how do i create a folder for all the great things i have seen and want to come back to?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by elfant8262 View Post
      How do I create a folder for all the great things I have seen and want to come back to?

      Once you save an item for later, it becomes a "subscription" or a "favorite". These items are save in your favorites/subscriptions folder in your UserCp, (aka User Control Panel).

      There is a link to your userCP in 2 places on every single page- in the very top right hand corner which says "Settings/UserCP" and also in the very bottom left hand side in the footer.


      You can learn more about subscriptions and saving favorites here:

      Budget101.com - - How to Save Favorites
    1. Mimib13's Avatar
      Mimib13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sheilajane View Post
      you can also add 1/2 as much of fresh coffee to make another pot of coffee!
      I thought I was the only person doing this. I am glad I am not alone.
    1. cheries's Avatar
      cheries -
      i used coffee grounds in my very long hair. i found it a bit hard to rinse thoroughly, so i added a dime size spot of conditioner and combed it through. i do think my hair is shinier!

      i am going to continue and see if i can extend my hair coloring.
    1. KimCM's Avatar
      KimCM -
      i love ideas like this. its like upcycling and reduces our carbon footprint.
    1. kaceec0808's Avatar
      kaceec0808 -
      would this be a good way to remove pet order (like cat pee/poop)?
    1. Steve1776's Avatar
      Steve1776 -
      save on a/c repairs. sprinkle around the outside unit to keep fire ants out.
    1. jullia's Avatar
      jullia -
      we go through coffee, at least a pot a day. i started saving the grounds, but didn't know you could use them for all of these reasons. awesome
    1. momstutor's Avatar
      momstutor -
      Quote Originally Posted by kaceec0808 View Post
      Would this be a good way to remove pet order (like cat pee/poop)?
      This will stain an item that isn't stain resistant (rugs, some floors, etc) I wouldn't chance it personally
    1. CharlieBrown68's Avatar
      CharlieBrown68 -
      yayyyyyy!!!! we also go through a pot a day!! i am going to start reusing every bit!!

      thank you!!!
    1. bgregory75's Avatar
      bgregory75 -
      awesome uses, i'm going to try several of these. thank you
    1. ChinaRose's Avatar
      ChinaRose -
      i use the grounds to fertilize my plants, chase ants out of their ant hills (too acrid for them) & put them on spots where my pups relieve themselves in the yard (helps grass regrow).
    1. cshutts's Avatar
      cshutts -
      going to try this for flea control of our dogs. sounds like a great idea!!!
    1. AndreaGwyn's Avatar
      AndreaGwyn -
      Mix 1 part coffee grounds 1 part sugar, rub on your skin to exfoliate, dead skin in the shower.
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