Welcome to our Daily Budget101.com Scratch & Win Giveaway! Scratch off the nest eggs and match the numbers to the winning numbers on your ticket and you could win a Tilia Vacuum Sealer, Amazon Gift Card, Various kitchen gadgets, a gourmet yogurt maker and more!

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  • Scratch & Win

    Welcome to our Daily Budget101.com Scratch & Win Game! Scratch off the nest eggs and match the numbers to the winning numbers on your ticket and you could receive an Amazon Gift Card ($10-$25), Gourmet Yogurt Maker, various cool kitchen gadgets to make life easier and more!

    Both Numbers must match to Win, You may play 12x's per day, per email address.

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    Thank you!

    Current Gifts available are:

    1. Closet Organizer
    2. $10 Amazon Gift Card
    3. $25 Amazon Gift Card
    4. Various Kitchen Gadgets ( Could be MeatShredder Claws, Novelty Coffee Mugs, Herb Scissors, Silpats, etc)
    5. Gourmet Yogurt Maker
    6. Vacuum Sealer
    7. Surprise Gifts (You knew we were going to throw some of those in there, didn't you?!!)

    Rules for Play:

    1. Simple Entry, you do not need to register to play.
    2. 12x per day, per email address
    3. Please Enter Email Carefully as it will be used to confirm your win & Claim Form will be mailed to the email address provided. Failure to complete all required fields in the claim form will result in forfeit of any gift.
    4. 1 winner per Household, per 30 days.
    5. Open to USA only
    6. Gifts will be Mailed within 10-14 days

    Please note, For clarification BOTH numbers must match to win.

    Did you win? Tell us all about it in the Comments below!

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    Comments 20 Comments
    1. JVallaincrt's Avatar
      JVallaincrt -
      Oh My Gosh! I won a back to School Kit !! This is Great! I'm glad I put off picking up school supplies until the weekend. Very easy claim form, Its much better than the old ones you used to use. Thank you, thank you!
    1. cocagrams's Avatar
      cocagrams -
      I would love to see other giftcards other then Amazon like Target or Walmart or even Kmart. And maybe $5 gas cards. Other then that what you have listed as prizes is great and would love to win a school pack for my grandaughters.. Thank you for thast chance.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Thank you for the suggestions, we'll check into the other cards!
    1. cincomommy's Avatar
      cincomommy -
      i thought it was just me =) I thought I was just missing something...
    1. Jane's Avatar
      Jane -
      I won a "Surprise Gift Card" of $50! I didn't even realize there were hidden prizes in the game! This is perfect right before christmas!!!!!!! Thank you Budget101
    1. drea's Avatar
      drea -
      There must be something in the air Jane becuase I just won bath basket! I wonder what else is listed in the Holiday Surprise!
    1. dct9000's Avatar
      dct9000 -
      I like the ideal of a Wal-mart or gas card. Thanks a bunch for the chance to win.
    1. Awesomeduckmom's Avatar
      Awesomeduckmom -
      Is there winning cards?
    1. happy0349's Avatar
      happy0349 -
      BOOO HOOO I'm not a winner, but thank you for the opportunity of trying..
    1. Jane's Avatar
      Jane -
      Quote Originally Posted by happy0349 View Post
      Has the offer expired? Please identify the ending date?
      As per the rules, there is no ending date, this contest is ongoing. I've won twice in the last 7 months
    1. Bubbles42's Avatar
      Bubbles42 -
      I can't seem to figure out how to play this game more than one time. Help, please!
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles42 View Post
      I can't seem to figure out how to play this game more than one time. Help, please!
      Click on the link at the bottom of the scratcher card that says "Click here to try again"

      Attachment 4855
    1. DJAustin's Avatar
      DJAustin -
      I didn't win, I'll be back tomorrow to try again...
    1. ckarol's Avatar
      ckarol -
      Crossing fingers
    1. CHERYLD's Avatar
      CHERYLD -
      ....well I found this scratch and match game and am excited....this site is a little intimidating for a newbie but i'm loving it...
    1. MrsHaggerty's Avatar
      MrsHaggerty -
      What a cute idea! I didn't win, but it was still fun to play!
    1. Jbabygirl's Avatar
      Jbabygirl -
      This is great! It is rare you get something for nothing and it's fun too! Can't wait til tomorrow! Is there bingo here??
    1. doggiedog4's Avatar
      doggiedog4 -
      Just wanted to say the cards are fun. I don't have much hope of winning, but it's still nice to have the chance. Congrats to all the winners out there in internet land though!
    1. Deweese's Avatar
      Deweese -
      FINALLY!! I just won an amazon Gift Certificate for $25 !!! Thank you Budget101.com, I'm glad you brought the scratch game back!
    1. Wendiwalling's Avatar
      Wendiwalling -
      Does people play this anymore
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