• 3 Simple Hacks to Remove Wallpaper Fast

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    1. mattress sales's Avatar
      mattress sales -
      hi, found these tips useful, i try to use the steam stripper as it make the job much easier. it very satisfying when its complete knowing you have done it yourself.
    1. sueloum's Avatar
      sueloum -
      thanks for posting, need to strip bedroom, now i know how, thanks again
    1. JeninCT's Avatar
      JeninCT -
      really simple way to remove wallpaper - an ironer and spray bottle filled with water. heat ironer on the hottest setting. spray a 2 - 3 foot area with the water and run the ironer over the area, steaming the wallpaper.

      Start peeling the paper off, spray, iron, and continue pulling the wallpaper off. I was amazed at how easy it came off.
    1. Frazzled247's Avatar
      Frazzled247 -
      i love the idea of using the iron instead of steamer. that would be so much easier. trying it this weekend.

      thank you!
    1. memeof7's Avatar
      memeof7 -
      seven years ago we bought a house that was 100 years old and had sat empty for three years. Since I'm on disability and my husband got laid off shortly after signing the papers on the house we had limited funds to remodel. We ended up scrapping off over seven layers of wall paper in what is now our computer room.

      Then we painted it. After spending all of that time on that room we decided to panel the kitchen which is on the opposite end of the computer. Was so much easier then taking the wallpaper off.
    1. fsqueen's Avatar
      fsqueen -
      hot water and fabric softner works great too. i use the cheapest i can find.
    1. Nancey's Avatar
      Nancey -
      i've always used cheap liquid fabric softener too, and i have removed a lot of paper. i wouldn't recommend using a regular iron that you use for clothing, safety should be your first concern and a steamer is designed to do the job of removing wall paper. scoring the paper and saturating it is the key, take your time as you don't want to scrap into the drywall.
    1. autumn59's Avatar
      autumn59 -
      my daughter is removing wallpaper in just about every room in her newly purchased home. i just emailed this info over to her. thank you.
    1. rachelsmum's Avatar
      rachelsmum -
      This looks pretty easy. Wallpaper can be a bear
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