• MYO: Glassware Scrubby

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    1. Debbie Russell's Avatar
      Debbie Russell -
      i also save the plastic netting from ham, turkey, or onion bags. then cut them into "scrubby" sizes. they work great and didn't cost anything extra.
    1. Normacooks's Avatar
      Normacooks -
      love the idea about the faoil and the comment above about the plastic netting. can't wait to give then both a try.
    1. indigomoss's Avatar
      indigomoss -
      i also make balls of foil to throw in the dryer ,it eliminates static cling
    1. Skykai's Avatar
      Skykai -
      Great ideas! Thanks.
    1. MaryI95's Avatar
      MaryI95 -
      i got to try these ideas. thanks.
    1. TeresaThomas's Avatar
      TeresaThomas -
      Thanks for the scrubby idea. I will have to try it. I think I will try the foil in the dryer idea too.

      We have a lot of static.
    1. Gasboy's Avatar
      Gasboy -
      Can't wait to try this out sounds great
    1. SCMary's Avatar
      SCMary -
      No matter what I always learn something when I come to this site. I will use both ideas. Thanks ladies for posting.
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