Make your Own Poor Woman's Soup Mix to keep on hand for dirt cheap, super fast easy meal, or choose from more than 50 more soup mix recipes

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  • Poor Woman's Soup

    Poor Woman's Soup

    1 Soup bone
    8 qt Water
    1 c Dry pea beans
    2 c Tomatoes
    1 c Chopped celery
    1 c Diced potatoes
    1/2 c Raw rice
    1/3 lb Ground beef
    1/3 c Chopped onion
    Salt and pepper
    1/8 ts Basil

    Pick over beans and soak overnight. Simmer soup bone in water several hours. Add beans, simmer 45 minutes. Meanwhile, fry beef and onion. Add to soup along with remaining ingredients and simmer for one hour.

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