Plan a Superbowl Bash on a Cheap budget with these simple recipes and decor ideas

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  • Hosting a Superbowl Bash on a Bashful budget

    Nothing says excitement like sitting on the edge of your seat, surrounded by a roomful of friends as you all scream at the television to cheer on your favorite team. Here are several affordable, yet delicious recipes that are sure party pleasers.
    Make it Potluck- Times are tough, times are hard. . . Lots of people are feeling the pinch in their wallets. While you may want to hold a giant bash at your place, don't feel as though you have to foot the bill entirely. Consider making your party a Potluck!

    Divide your party menu into various categories and when your guests ask what to bring, give them a choice of several different categories to choose from such as Dips (Cold, Hot, Spicy), or Chips/Dippers (potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels), Hot Appetizers (Armadillo eggs, crescent pizza bites), Main Dish (chili, baked beans, etc)

    If you'd rather provide the food yourself, perhaps you ought to consider a BYOB party!

    BYOB: Bring your own Beverage - cut down on the expense of providing cases of beer, cocktails or soda/pop. Add a little BYOB note to your invitations. You could always provide lemonade & or iced tea on the side.


    • Hang Crepe Streamers in various sizes in the teams colors
    • If kids will be attending, Have a football Pinata (filled to the brim with candy/treats) ready for Half-time!
    • Dollar Store Wrapping Paper- Dress up your serving & snack tables with team colors- check your local dollar store for wrapping paper in your favorite teams colors and use it to make your own tablecover. A little touch of tape on the bottom and it's secure. Sting crepe paper streamers from the sides.

    Recipes: Finger foods are often the fave at parties because they're easy to walk around, give the guest the opportunity to try various dishes and make it easier to control portion size.

    Dips/ Appetizers:

    1. Beer Dip- aka MAN Dip
    2. New England Clam Dip - super easy, super fast favorite
    3. Unforgettable French Onion Dip
    4. Spicy Guacamole or Firehouse Guacamole While guacamole is a party favorite- if you're having a large party consider going with the french onion dip- which is dirt cheap to make. Avocado's - although plentiful can run over $1 each.
    5. Chicken Fajita Dip
    6. 2 Minute BBQ Dip- when you realize that you have a few more people showing up than you thought! This one literally takes 2 minutes.

    Munchie Items:

    1. Game Day Spicy Popcorn
    2. Hot Pepper Pecans
    3. Armadillo Eggs
    4. Carolina Firecrackers
    5. Game Day Football Whoopie Pies

    Main Dish/ Finger Foods

    1. Pizza Dip - a casserole style dish that is served with tortilla chips or Doritos- a real party pleaser!
    2. Tailgate Bites
    3. Buffalo Chicken Bites
    4. Crescent Pizza Bites
    5. Copycat Hooters Hotwings- no party would be complete without Hotwings! These delicious morsels are perfect
    6. Superbowl Sunday Drunk Kielbasa

    Need More Game Day Recipes? Check out our Superbowl Sunday Forum!

    Got a Great Budget Party Idea?, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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      SunnyBunny -
      Football fans like to eat a lot and drink a lot of beer. So enjoy the recipes posted here!
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