• Property Taxes- How to Save HUNDREDS!

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      CoolCat -
      OMG! OMG! OMG! I checked ours and we qualify for the homestead exemption too. Our Tax bill went down $763 !!! OMG!
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      wilbe95 -
      South Dakota Property Tax: Property Tax Relief Programs
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      SClady -
      What about SOUTH CAROLINA ?
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      Quote Originally Posted by SClady View Post
      What about SOUTH CAROLINA ?
      SC is listed, as are the directions to search for your own state if you don't see it listed.
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      floridawriter -
      Move to Florida!!

      If property own/reside is assessed at $75K or more, you get $50K homestead exemption
      If your property own/reside assessed at $50K or less, $25K homestead exemption

      Many exemptions in Addition to homestead include but probably not limited to:

      65 & older up to additional $50K
      Veterans at least 10% disabled, additional $5K
      Quadriplegic homeowners pay no property tax
      Totally/permanently disabled, additional $5K

      (I'm pretty sure I've left some out)

      From "Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law" by Linda Crawford 2014
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      Galee53 -
      Thank you for listing the information for each state in regards to the exemptions on property. I was able to hand this down to a friend of mine and now she gets the exemptions she is entitled to.
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