Simple inexpensive St Patricks day topper and poem with edible and non-edible baggie filler ideas

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  • St. Pat's bag topper and non-candy edibles

    Attach Cute "Topper" with the following poem printed on it:

    To avoid a "pinch",
    wear this smile o' green!
    And if that Irish Leprechaun
    is not caught or seen,
    In sharing some "luck o' the Irish"
    with you,
    Here's gold from his pot (or... his "pot o' gold")
    and St. Paddy's fun too!

    - Dori, March 2000

    What to use for "Filling" in your baggies:

    Used the above topper for small bags of gold foiled wrapped coins or gold kiss candies, a St. Paddies eraser and maybe some gold glitter shamrocks, little green shamrock stickers and more

    to chocolates or candies

    As some are not allowed to have sweets or sugar, so this poem could be used with clear plastic cups of sugar-free yellow Jell-O and giving green plastic spoons, adding stickers to the cups.
    Could also be done by making little baggies of the really "yellow-colored" popcorn.

    Submitted by Dori

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