• Egg Nog Mix

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    1. Principality's Avatar
      Principality -
      sounds easy but does it really taste like the real thing? i'll have to try it find out. i'll feel like a fool for paying for the store version if it does.
    1. maxnsadie's Avatar
      maxnsadie -
      sounds good.....hope it tastes good
    1. peabuttonsmom's Avatar
      peabuttonsmom -
      I'm not a fan of Buttermilk in any form. Either way I just might try this smaller version. I'm looking for an easy mix for sharing.

    1. cajunmama85's Avatar
      cajunmama85 -
      I wish I had seen this before spending almost $10 on a few half gallon cartons of SoCo eggnog, lol.
    1. SCMary's Avatar
      SCMary -
      This did NOT work for me. I really wanted it to taste like eggnog.
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