Create your own homemade Irish Cream Coffee Creamer Mix for your family or for lovely homemade food gifts this holiday season

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  • Irish Cream Coffee Creamer Mix

    Add a touch of the irish to your favorite coffee brew with this simple mix recipe that offers an incredible flavor combination with the taste of chocolate, refreshing mint, and warm delectable Irish cream.

    You'll Need:

    1 package butter mints, crushed
    2 C. chocolate malt powder
    1/2 C. Nestle's quick chocolate drink mix powder
    2 C. non-dairy powdered coffee creamer

    Combine all in the blender at well powdered. Store in vacuum seal or ziploc baggies. These make lovely additions to gift baskets for the holidays.

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    1. swenonwheels's Avatar
      swenonwheels -
      Irish creamer coffee creamer to my knowledge and taste does NOT have any mint in it.
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by swenonwheels View Post
      Irish creamer coffee creamer to my knowledge and taste does NOT have any mint in it.
      Hehehe, well this is a copycat dry creamer mix recipe as an alternative to this product: Products - Irish Crème Flavor | COFFEE-MATE®

      Which incidentally DOES contain MINT.
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