• Haunted Graveyard Dessert

    Create a spooky looking haunted graveyard complete with tombstones and worms.
    I created this particular dessert this afternoon for a Halloween Party this evening. This is a play off my favorite "Dirt Pudding" recipe that is always a hit at summer parties.

    Spooky Haunted Graveyard dessert- a favorite for parties

    You'll need:
    1 1/4 lb. pkg. Oreo Cookies
    2 sm. 3 oz pkgs instant vanilla pudding (or instant chocolate pudding if you want a VERY rich dessert)
    3 c. milk
    1 stick butter
    8 oz. cream cheese
    1 c. powdered sugar
    8 oz. Cool Whip

    Crush Oreos in a blender, then set aside. Mix 2 packages vanilla pudding with 3 cups milk. Set aside
    for at least 5 minutes. In the meantime combine butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar until smooth, add entire container of Cool Whip. Once this mix is smooth, add the prepared pudding.

    Press half of the Oreos in the bottom of a 9 x 13 inch pan. Spread pudding mixture on top of this and then sprinkle the remaining crushed Oreos on top of pudding. Keep refrigerated.

    Just before serving, insert a few gravestones!

    To create the gravestones:

    1. Simply fill in the template with your favorite background pattern. Tombstone Templates Here
    2. Add various sayings to the Tombstones
    3. Print them on Cardstock or heavy quality paper
    4. *Optional* if you have a laminator- it's great to laminate them to use in future recipes.
    5. Cut them out, attach toothpicks to the bottoms using hot glue or whatever glue you have available. Let them dry.
    6. Insert them just prior to serving

    Add a few gummy worms around the "graveyard" as well!

    Also, these homemade tombstones work lovely as toppers to spooky cupcakes too!
    Looks like a graveyard, tastes like heaven!

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