Icy Paws Frozen Homemade Dog Treat recipe and tons of awesome homemade pet food and treat recipes you can make at home

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  • Icy Paws Frozen Homemade Dog Treats

    As a kid I remember my mother on rare occasions purchasing cute little 4 packs of frozen treats for our dog. They smelled rather like frozen pancake batter. To this day I still enjoy watching my dog enjoy his frozen treats, but now I prefer to make my own at a fraction of the cost. Here are two tried and true recipes your pet is sure to love...

    Both of these recipes can be poured into actual ice cream cones if your pet enjoys the cone too! Just be sure to tell the rest of the family that they're for your furry kids!

    Icy Paws Frozen Homemade Dog Treats

    64 oz plain or vanilla yogurt
    1 Small can of tuna (drained)
    2 Teaspoons garlic powder
    24 (3 oz). Plastic (not paper) bathroom cups

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl, spoon into plastic cups and freeze overnight. To serve,invert the cup, run under hot water for a second or two, pop the treat out of the cup into your pup's dish. He/she will be thrilled!

    Frosty Paws #2
    32 oz vanilla yogurt
    1 mashed banana or 1 large jar of babyfood (meat flavored)
    2 Tablespoons peanut butter
    2 Tablespoons honey

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl, spoon into plastic cups and freeze overnight. To serve, invert the cup, run under hot water for a second or two, pop the treat out of the cup into your pup's dish.

    If your pet has a habit of scarfing down foods too quickly, you can use a wider base style cup or bowl and this will help slow him down when he eats.

    A Note about the Garlic - garlic, in small doses is considered to be Safe for dogs. There are reports that using garlic (which contains Thiosulphate can cause hemoytic anemia or liver damage, but garlic contains only Trace amounts of thiosulphate and a dog would have to consume HUGE amounts of this for negative effects to occur.

    Vet Response on Garlic Safety

    View this Holistic Vet's View on Garlic for Pets

    If you're concerned about this, omit the garlic altogether.

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    Comments 14 Comments
    1. itsmeReesi3's Avatar
      itsmeReesi3 -
      thanks 4 the recipe!! im soo gonna try this 4 my dog
    1. DorofromKs's Avatar
      DorofromKs -
      We have a couple of grand dogs who love ice cubes. They will go crazy for these! Thank you for sharing the recipes.
    1. barb.r's Avatar
      barb.r -
      I make these with the tuna for my two Golden Retrievers, Scarlet and Benjamin, they love them and it is a great hot weather treat!
    1. MabelMartha's Avatar
      MabelMartha -
      Great recipes and much better for their teeth than ice cubes. The second recipe made with bananas would be a good human treat, too!
    1. MabelMartha's Avatar
      MabelMartha -
      And for small dogs or more frequent treats, just use an ice cube tray.
    1. froggysgirl's Avatar
      froggysgirl -
      My bassett hound loves ice, so I bet he will love these also!
    1. hep26000's Avatar
      hep26000 -
      Great recipes for our fur babies. I'm sure my handsome Petey boy will love this! And perfect timing with the hot summer approaching.
    1. turtlewith3's Avatar
      turtlewith3 -
      just in time for the texas heat my new puppies will love these! i'm not doing tuna at 100+ but the other sounds pretty good for them.
    1. shadust1's Avatar
      shadust1 -
      Just made the 2nd recipe..had more left so I put it into my buddy's bowl n he didn't even taste it he ate it so fast..so he is gonna love the iced ones...this for the recipe!!!.
    1. Peasbug's Avatar
      Peasbug -
      These recipes are great! However Do Not give your pets garlic in any form, it is a member of the onion family and will cause red blood cells to burst in your pet. Aspca.org has a good article on this (as well as petinsurance.com) the Aspca has a nice comprehensive list for reference. All the other flavors in the first recipe will make it tasty enough.
    1. allmac08's Avatar
      allmac08 -
      My lab loves these! Every time I go to the freezer, he's right on my heels! Actually, he's always right on my heels! ��
    1. fiveaaaaas's Avatar
      fiveaaaaas -
      My teen girl loves to make treats for her chihauhau coco. She will love this frosty treat!! Thanks!
    1. pawoman's Avatar
      pawoman -
      Just pour plain yogurt into a container. Add small chunks of tuna, stir & freeze. Cut into bits & dogs will love them. I was out of tuna, so sprinkled garlic powder & stirred. They lived them too!
    1. GAgreenman's Avatar
      GAgreenman -
      Will definitely be making these for my lab Raven. She already gets a couple spoons of yogurt as a special treat in her chow. Also give her apple slices (with seeds taken out) or some banana too.
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