• Autumn Candle Lights

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    1. JanaB's Avatar
      JanaB -
      what a fantastic idea!! thank you for sharing!!
    1. faxonfive's Avatar
      faxonfive -
      i made these the other day and they turned out gorgeous!!!

      thanks for the wonderful idea!!

    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Lynn, I'd love to add photos of yours to the article if you have any you'd care to share!
    1. faxonfive's Avatar
      faxonfive -
      I had tried to upload some photos that I had taken on my android phone but it keeps telling me there is an error...... any suggesstions??

      Thanks bunches!!

    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Lynn, if you want you can send them to me via email at contact @ budget101.com and I'll upload them for you.
    1. CRymar6's Avatar
      CRymar6 -
      i have trouble seeing the interesting things you post because of the ads covering the print. i am logged in and have gone on the adchoices to remove with no luck. any suggestions?

    1. Kathy Russo's Avatar
      Kathy Russo -
      is it safe as the candle burns down closer to the leaves?
    1. reneemc's Avatar
      reneemc -
      perfect timing for thanksgiving!!!! those prayer candles aren't usually scented, perhaps a couple of drops of essential oil will top it off!
    1. kimpossible59's Avatar
      kimpossible59 -
      i use the 2 vases by putting fresh flowers or greenery, depending on the holiday, into the small vase, and fill the outer vase with candy that is coordinating with the holiday , it's cute, cheap and the kids can eat the candy after the holiday is over, tip, stuff a paper towel in the top of the small one so you can fill around it with the candy, take out the paper and pop in your arrangement
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