Learn How to make your own dirt cheap liquid fencing using simple ingredients found in your kitchen

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  • Make Your Own Liquid Critter Fencing

    Make Your Own Liquid Critter Fencing - The Garden is in, sprouting new shoots every day & you've been watching it grow. Unfortunately, so have the rabbits, moles, gophers and deer!

    You'll Need:
    1 gallon jug
    12-18 Eggs
    3-5 Tbs Minced Garlic
    1 T. Cayenne Pepper

    Start with a 1 gallon Plastic Jug.
    Puree 12-18 eggs in a blender- this makes them smooth & not clumpy, pour them into your jug.
    Add approximately 3-5 T. of Fresh minced Garlic.
    Add 1 T. Cayenne Pepper Powder.
    Tighten the top & shake Vigorously. Add water to fill to 3/4 of the way full.

    Let the container set for
    7-10 days, allowing the eggs to putrify. Label it as Poison and keep it OUTSIDE, Out of the Sun. Shake well prior to use.

    To Use: Open outside, attach a spray nozzle to the top and spray around your garden. You will need to reapply 1x weekly & after any heavy rains. While it will stink upon application after several hours it will dry and not smell (to you anyway!) The critters- moles, deer, rabbits, gophers, will not come anywhere near it!


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    1. mwsing's Avatar
      mwsing -
      I want to try a garden this year, thanks for the ideas! I live out by the desert and all kinds of critters try and come and munch (the coyotes especially like to try and get my cats
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      This works nicely around the perimeter of the garden, just be sure you don't spray it on the foliage of the garden as you could potentially get salmonella poisoning!
    1. DJAustin's Avatar
      DJAustin -
      I want to try a garden again, after years of NOT having one due to pesty critters...I will try this.. Thank you...
    1. frvetere's Avatar
      frvetere -
      I'm wondering if this works on mice as well? Any thoughts?
    1. valhutch's Avatar
      valhutch -
      I am wanting to try this! We bought a commercially prepared 'predator' spray. OMGOSH!! When I sprayed it around the garden I had to come in the house and toss my cookies!! It smelled like death and then some!!! Eeeeeeww... Predator urine and predator blood!! OH! My it was so bad!!! I'm thinking this might be preferable. And if it works I don't have to wretch and vomit after each application!!! That's a bonus.. and this will be cheaper... the commercially prepared stuff is like $30 for .. I don't even know the ounces. It's like as small as buying a Clorox bleach spray for your kitchen.. 15oz??? I don't know.

      This, if it works, will be a God send for me!!! Thank you!
    1. MsDebbie's Avatar
      MsDebbie -
      Worth a try - I'm also in the desert and critters get everything.
    1. Dundin's Avatar
      Dundin -
      I'm going to try this to keep the felines out of my garden.

      I don't have problems as much with the munching critters as I do with cats using my garden as a litter box. I never walk on the soil of my garden (all the beds are 2-3 feet across), and so the soils is extremely friable. The cats love to dig in it and leave "deposits". Thanks for the idea.
    1. Deborah458's Avatar
      Deborah458 -
      We'll be trying a garden this year, so this sounds good to try.
    1. Awesome5's Avatar
      Awesome5 -
      Worth trying .... when you feed more of the animals than your family any smell is worth it.
    1. bMcDaniel's Avatar
      bMcDaniel -
      Do you have to strain the mixture before spraying? I have trouble with particles from the pepper clogging my sprayer.
    1. BarbBoogie's Avatar
      BarbBoogie -
      Don't use Red Pepper Flakes as they will clog the sprayer. Be sure to use Ground Cayenne Pepper and you shouldn't have that problem.
    1. ruafoodie's Avatar
      ruafoodie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Deborah458 View Post
      We'll be trying a garden this year, so this sounds good to try.
      Did it work on keeping the cats out?
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