• Essence of Fall Nature Luminaries

    Essence of Fall Nature Luminaries

    These beautiful natural luminaries will complement any fall decor.

    • Several Colorful Leaves
    • Glass votive Holder
    • White Tissue Paper, torn into 2" strips
    • Craft Glue

    Gather several pretty leaves with varying colors in them. Place them on a sheet of wax paper and cover with a heavy book/object for 1 hour to flatten them.
    Spread a layer of craft glue and adhere the leaves into place. Allow to dry.
    Mix 1 T. Craft glue & 1 T. Warm water to create a decoupage
    Apply tissue paper pieces, 1 at a time, "painting" them on with the decoupage glue. Overlap the pieces until the entire votive is covered. Overlap the lip/edge of the votive going approx 1/4 inch into the glass.
    Be sure to thoroughly decoupage ALL of the tissue paper.
    Dry overnight. To use, insert a tealight and Voila, Natural Luminaries.
    Please Note, Candles should not be left unattended.
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    1. aliro's Avatar
      aliro -
      always a neat idea to do for the fall.
    1. TSlu1's Avatar
      TSlu1 -
      Gosh I hope I rated this excellent! I'm still learning, as well as frequenting this site with my phone, which tends to act up a lot. I am adding this to my favorites, since fall is just around the corner. Can't wait to make these!
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