• Hundreds of Demon Eyes

    A simple string of miniature Christmas lights and some 35mm film canisters combine to make a pretty convincing demon invasion in your hedges.

    Here’s what you need:

    • 1 string of miniature Christmas lights. All red is preferred, all white is OK. Blinkers work best.
    • 1 35mm film canister for each bulb on the string
    • 1 piece of white poster board
    • Frosted Scotch tape
    • Red permanent marker if you’re using white bulbs
    • A drill
    • A 3/16 inch drill bit
    • An X-Acto Knife

    Here’s what you do:
    • With the film canister facing you,
    top side pointing up towards the ceiling, drill 2 holes into the “face” of the canister, about ½” apart.

    • Cut a small piece of poster board the same height as the inside of the canister, and slightly longer than the inside circumference of the canister.

    • Roll the poster board loosely into a tube shape and insert inside the canister. Let it expand.

    • Snap the top on to the canister and use the knife to carefully cut a small “X” through the top center of the canister.

    • Pop a light from the string down through the “X”. Pull back up slightly to lock the bulb in place. Repeat for the remaining canisters.

    • Place a small piece of tape over each “eye” hole that you drilled previously.

    • If you are using white lights then put a dot of red marker on the tape that’s
    covering the eye hole.

    • String the lights where desired and plug them in.
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