• Blistered Skin Effect

    There are a couple different ways to apply the blistered skin effect.

    The first is relatively easy and works wonderfully on kids.
    Apply a thin coating of Vaseline over the area you want to "blister" add white tissues to simulate the look of blisters, You'll need to add more Vaseline. It helps to dampen the tissue and wring it out well before applying.

    The Second Method requires the following items:

    • Tissue Paper
    • Foundation (skin tone color)
    • Elmer's Type Glue
    • Patience.

    First, start with a Clean body part.

    Secondly, if you are fair skinned, it helps to match your skin tone with foundation
    makeup. Here we used white tissue paper and a few dabs of foundation.

    Once the foundation has dried, rip the tissue paper into the size blister you want to create.

    Apply the "blister", be sure to gob it up to allow for air bubbles. Next, apply a fairly thick layer of Elmer's-type glue.

    If you're in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer to hasten the process.

    Once it's completely dried, apply a thin layer of vaseline over the Main Blister. Using your fingernail, scrape the dried glue a bit to create "mini blisters".

    It's helpful if you apply a bit of red powder on the arm before you begin, However, we didn't have any when we created this brief tutorial.
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    1. ChunkyMunky's Avatar
      ChunkyMunky -
      this is really cool and completely disgusting at the same time Cheap tissues work the best- they create really nice layers of bubbled skin.
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