• Homemade Witches Broom

    If you love Halloween decor, here's an authentic do it yourself project to make your own straw broom.

    Find a good tree branch to use for the handle (a little crooked works best). You can use an old stick or mop handle in a pinch, just brew some extra strong coffee or tea to make a stain and give it a weathered appearance first.

    Homemade Witches Broom
    Take some straw (pine needles can also be used) and tie it into many small bundles using strong thread or string. Be sure to tie each bundle as tight as possible. Then begin attaching the bundles around the bottom of the branch, tying them one or two at a time, winding
    string around and then adding more.

    When you get to the last bundle, wrap the string around that one and tie it off tight. You could also use ribbon or you could create a weave pattern if you want to get a bit more fancy!

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      TSlu1 -
      This is a really cute idea. I'd love to see a picture of this!
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