How to choose flowers for your wedding and what they each represent

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  • Wedding Flowers

    Wedding Flowers & Decoration Ideas
    Choosing your flowers... For inexpensive flowers you might consider cutting them from your garden, or choosing them based on what they mean.

    Flower Name Meaning Flower Name Meaning
    Acacia Friendship Marjoram Blushes, mirth
    Acorn Life, immortality Mint Virtue
    Allium Unity Mistletoe Affection
    Alyssum Incomparable worth Monkshood Chivalry
    Amaryllis Pride, Beauty Morning Glory Affection
    Ambrosia Reciprocated love Moss Charity, maternal love
    Anemone Forsaken Myrtle Love, home
    Angelica Inspiration Narcissus Egotism
    Apple Blossom Preference Oleander Caution
    Arbutus Thee only do I love Orange Blossom Purity, eternal love, marriage
    Arum Lily Ardor Orange Flower Chastity
    Aster Variety Orchid Love, beauty
    Azalea First love Pansy Thoughts, consideration
    Bachelor's Button Celibacy, hope Peach Blossoms I am your captive
    Begonia Beware Peony Happy life
    Bluebell Humility Petunia Resentment, anger
    Bridal Rose Happy love Phlox Our souls are united
    Buttercup Riches, childishness Pine Hope, pray
    Camellia (red) You are a flame in my heart Polyanthus Price of riches
    Carnation (Pink) I'll never forget you Poppy (Red) Pleasure
    Carnation (Red) My heart aches for you Poppy (White) Consolation, eternal sleep
    Carnation (White) Innocence Poppy (Yellow) Wealth, success
    Carnation (Yellow) Rejection Primrose I can't live without you
    China Rose Ever new beauty Primrose (Evening) Inconsistency
    Chrysanthemum (Red) I love you Purple Clover Husbandry, thrift
    Chrysanthemum (White) Truth Queen Anne's Lace Haven
    Chrysanthemum (Yellow) Sighted love Quince Temptation
    Clematis Mental beauty Ranunculus (Buttercups) Radiant with charm
    Clover Good luck Rhododendron Danger
    Coral Bells Challenge Rose (Bridal) Happy love
    Coreposis (Tickseed) Always cheerful Rose (Dark crimson) Mourning
    Cosmos Modesty Rose (Dark pink) Thank you
    Crocus Youthful gladness Rose (Peach) Enthusiasm, desire
    Cyclamen Good-bye Rose (Pink) Perfect, you're lovely
    Daffodil Unrequited love Rose (Red) I love you
    Dahlia Dignity, elegance Rose (White) Innocence, secrecy
    Daisy Innocent Rose (Wild) Simplicity
    Daisy (Garden) Sentiments shared Rose (Yellow) Joy, friendship, jealousy
    Dandelion Faithfulness, happiness Rosebuds (Red) Purity
    Dogwood Love undiminished Rosebuds (White) Youth
    Fern Magic, fascination Rosemary Sweet remembrance
    Fern (Maiden hair) Secret bond of love Sage Domestic Virtue
    Foxglove Insincerity Smilax Loveliness
    Gardenia Secret love Snapdragon Deception, gracious lady
    Geranium I prefer you, folly Spider Flower Elope with me
    Geranium (Ivy) Bridal favor Spirea Victory, conceit
    Gladiolus Sincerity Star of Bethlehem Purity
    Heather (Lavender) Admiration Status Sympathy, remembrance
    Heather (White) Protection, wishes come true Stephanotis Happiness in marriage
    Hibiscus Delicate beauty Stock Lasting love
    Holly Domestic happiness, festivity Sunflower Adoration
    Hollyhock Ambition Sweet Peas Good-bye, blissful pleasure
    Honeysuckle Country beauty Sweet William Gallantry, bravery
    Hyacinth (Blue( Constancy Tansy (Wild) Declaration
    Hyacinth (Purple) Please forgive me Thyme Activity
    Hyacinth (Red/Pink) Playful Tiger Flower Befriend me
    Hyacinth (White) Loveliness Tuberosa Illicit pleasures
    Iris A message for thee Tulip (Red) Believe in me
    Ivy Wedded love Tulip (Variegated) Beautiful eyes
    Jasmine Social Tulip (Yellow) Hopeless love
    Jonquil (daffodil) Desire Veronica Fidelity
    Lady's Slipper Flighty Violet (Blue) Watchfulness, I'll always be true
    Larkspur (Pink) Fickleness Violet (Purple) Faithfulness
    Lavender Devotion, cautious Violet (White) Let's take a chance
    Lilac (Purple) First love Viscaria (Pitch Carnation) Will you dance with me?
    Lilac (White) Youth Water Lily Purity of heart
    Lily (Day) Coquetry Wheat Friendliness, fertility
    Lily (Tiger) Wealth, pride White rose bud Awakening love
    Lily (White) Purity, virginity Zinnia (Magenta) Lasting affection
    Lilly of the Valley Increased happiness, sweetness Zinnia (Mixed) Thinking of an absent friend
    Lotus Flower Rejected love Zinnia (Scarlet) Constancy
    Magnolia Love of nature, nobility Zinnia (White) Goodness
    Marigold Cruelty, jealousy Zinnia (Yellow) Daily remembrance

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