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    Chewy Almond Nougat<br/>
    This delicious chewy nougat candy is inspired by the amazing flavors of Torrone, an Italian candy traditionally made with honey, almonds, and eggs. This version is made with slightly less expensive ingredients, but offers a delectable flavor!
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    The smell and site of a real tree during the holiday season is a blessing in many homes, but the chances of a fire increase considerably. Here is a solution you can create at home to help fire proof your holiday tree.
    Surprise your family with these GRAVY Flavored Candy Canes!<br/>
    Candy Canes are a holiday tradition in many homes around the world, but in our family, we take the tradition just a step further. Each year we add a very UNIQUE candy cane flavor to the tree, then ... ...
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    Cranberry sauce is incredibly simple to prepare and makes a wonderful accompaniment to turkey or chicken dishes. Here's how to make your own fresh cranberry sauce in just a few minutes.
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    Adorn the tree with ornaments filled with a delicious cocoa mix! Everyone adores hot chocolate on a cold winters day, these sweet ornaments offer an enticing treat for all ages.
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    If you're not familiar with this hilarious experience, a white elephant gift exchange (aka a Yankee Swap) or if you're really backwards, a Chinese Christmas Auction is a Christmas party game that everyone should play at least once!
    Narcissist in the Family? Uncle Joe like to pick fights at holiday gatherings? Here's how to avoid the holiday drama & have a good time!<br/>
    How to Avoid the Holiday Family Drama

    Do you dread required holiday visits because of the family drama? Do you already know that the family narcissist will not miss the opportunity to glorify herself while spewing venomous insults at you and other family members? Do you still remember Uncle Joe's drunken argument at the dinner table last year? ...
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    The kids had a great time collecting all of those tasty treats, but the question is, what are you going to do with it all? Here are a few ideas we've collected over the years for how to handle an overload of Halloween loot . . .
    If your White Artificial tree has yellowed, don't toss it! Here's how to clean it and get it bright white again!

#TipsnTricks #ChristmasTree #DIY #CleaningHacks #HolidayHacks #HowTo<br/>
    How to Clean an Artificial White Christmas Tree
    Bloody Feet-loaf- creepy foot-shaped meatloaf brings eerie halloween dinners to a new level!<br/>
    Eerie edibles are a huge part of Halloween for our family, each year we try something new and get just a little more wild! Here's a collection of deliciously creepy treats to add some fun to your Halloween . . .

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    DIY Corner Christmas Tree Village Stand

    My wife saw this photo:

    source: decoratemybar

    and decided that she NEEDED to have one for our house. So here are the plans for an 8 foot tree

    2 sheets Plywood 3/4" x 4'x8'

    BigDodgeMan 11-17-2018, 02:13 PM Go to last post

    Brussels Sprouts Casserole

    Brussels Sprouts Casserole

    1 lb Brussels sprouts, trimmed
    15-oz jar Alfredo sauce
    1 cup milk
    1/4 tsp ground black pepper
    8-oz pkg Italian shredded five-cheese blend

    Heat oven to 375....

    mos 11-16-2018, 08:53 PM Go to last post